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I may be figuring this out. My stat priority is Intellect, spirit to at least 2000, haste to at least 916, and then, crit.

Since I have been stacking crit the last few days, my mana issues seem to be eased. I ran some heroics last night with 25% crit.

For healing, Healing rain is great, but situational.

Healing wave for those times when things are fairly calm.

Riptide and then Healing Surge for the quick big heal. Then, if needed, I unleash weapon enchant and follow with a GHW.

I try to keep Riptide up on the tank and another melee DPS. Then, I can chain heal the DPS. This has been working pretty well.

Ranged DPS get a riptide if they are taking damage, and a healing waver or surge depending on the situation.

Thus, I have not gone for Focused Insight or Telluric Currents yet. Keeping the crit in the elemental tree.
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Interesting. One of these days I have to finish levelling my healy shammy. Too bad I suddenly remember how much I love mages. Tongue
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Hmmm, well your mana issues may have been alleviated somewhat with a higher crit due to "Improved Water Shield". I was just looking around WoWHead (not knowing much about Shamans) but see that a other "key" abilities also require Critical Heals to activate that help with healing as a whole (Ancestral Healing and Ancestral Awakening).

I suppose Tuleric Currents was implemented for the times when you dont need to heal (which doesnt make sense to me since you probably want to regenerate mana during your down time). Torine may know more about what kind of mana returns you get on it more than myself but it seems that Shamans still want High Spirit for regen. (Myself, I reforged it to something else as I use a high mana pool for regeneration).

Experimentation is always a good thing...reforging can be a very useful tool if you feel that you might have "too much" spirit or not enough.
Yeah. I was going for the benefits from crit.

I am still not sure about our Mastery, which benefits direct heals.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

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