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  Being Prepared for Heroic Tomb Progression
Posted by: Zlinka - 09-16-2017, 08:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hi everyone,

We are pushing into tough raid content now.  I know we can do it — but we need everyone to be prepared!

For Thursday night, when we are doing progression content, we ask for a 920 iLevel.  For Tuesdays, we will clear the lower Heroic Tomb content, so we can support a few people at lower levels.  Please check with us first.  We will also hit a Greater Argus Invasion every Tuesday, which is a great chance at a big upgrade.

We ask that everyone come properly gemmed and enchanted.  Your guild mates can help you with all of this — just ask.  But don’t leave gems and enchants to the beginning of the raid.  We are only together for 4 hours per week — let’s make every minute count.

The new Argus content has many opportunities for fast upgrades.  The Relinquished items on the Vindicaar are at least level 910 and can proc up to 955, so they are a great option.  You can get the Veiled Argunite for these by doing quests and weeklies in Argus.

We are taking the fight to the enemy, and the fate of Azeroth is in our hands. Prepare to the utmost of your ability, and we shall prevail!

Zlinka & Oryx

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  Tackling Heroic Emerald Nightmare
Posted by: Zlinka - 12-09-2016, 08:13 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (8)

Hi everyone!  We are planning to hit Heroic Emerald Nightmare pretty hard in the next few weeks.  To succeed, we will need everyone playing to the best of their ability.  As we tackle content that is at the outer limits of our group's ability, we need every character to hit the performance level the content is tuned for.

Gear-wise, we would like at least an iLevel of 850, and ideally 860.  This should not be that difficult to achieve — most of us are over 850 already, and those that are not are pretty close.  If your iLevel is low, please work on improving it.  Do world quests for individual items of gear, do heroic or mythic 5-mans for drops, and so forth.  Oryx and I and many others would be more than happy to help.  Message us in-game or use the Discord app to put a group together if people are offline!

Ability-wise, please read up on your rotations to make sure you are doing everything you can to improve your character's performance.  If you don’t know how you are doing relative to the group ask Oryx, who runs a meter, or look on the forum for the link to the performance upload, or you can download a meter yourself (we use Skada). Icy Veins has good guides on how to play each class and spec.

Finally, it’s important that we know who is coming so we can compose an effective team. Please RSVP on the calendar as soon as you can, or communicate with me or Oryx through whispers, in-game mail, Discord, forum, or passenger pigeon.  This is especially true for critical roles like our raid-geared healers.  If we know in advance we can work on filling those slots ahead of time.

Thanks everyone!


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  Return to Karazahn
Posted by: jabadue - 11-21-2016, 09:44 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (3)

Gauging interest for a dedicated night to run Karazahn, and maybe, mythics also. I am thinking Mondays at 630p/700p server time. Earlier the better for me.

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  Demon Invasions!
Posted by: Krell - 08-17-2016, 08:11 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Just a friendly note to let folks know that the treasure chests received for completing invasion stages now have a chance to drop higher ilevel gear. I have seen level 710 gear and have heard there has been level 720 gear as well. I have also heard that warforged weapons are now dropping that can be upgraded to ilevel 745.

Also, I believe that 3 invasions spawn each cycle and that they reset every 2 hours rather than 4 hours. More opportunity!

Time to start running invasions on all my characters again.

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  Ironsong turns toward the Legion!
Posted by: Zlinka - 08-08-2016, 08:11 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

The Burning Legion is almost upon us -- Ironsong must rally to battle this assault on Azeroth!

Join your tribesmates and our allies to defeat the Legion's invasion, starting this Tuesday evening!



((Oryx and I are back from our vacation!  We look forward to the upcoming Legion invasions and will be there in the evenings with bells on.

((We will be taking a break from raiding until after the expansion comes out and everyone has had time to enjoy the new content, level up, and enjoy their demon hunters.  Don't rush this part, savor the leveling-up process as it only comes every few years!

((We will resume raiding, starting with just Thursdays (as usual) once everyone is ready -- no fixed date, we'll just see how things go.

((We're really excited about the new expansion and can't wait to explore, level, learn to play again, and try out the new demon hunters.  See you in game!))

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