Vexiona is a three phase encounter.

During Phase One we fight Vexiona directly while dealing with adds that she summons from gateways.

After 80 seconds (when she reaches 100 energy), she enters Phase Two, takes to the air, and attacks us three Twilight Decimator breaths before landing and resuming Phase One.

At 40% health she enters Phase Three, and we mush finish her off before she applies too many stacks of Void Corruption.

The fight is mostly about add management, while dealing with various one-shot abilities in Phases One and Two, then finishing her off before a stacking DoT gets too high in Phase Three.


Breath attack (Twilight Breath):  Vexiona is a dragon, so she has a breath attack.  Applies a stacking Void Corruption debuff that lasts for the entire fight, or until you use another mechanic to reset it.

--> Tanks face her side-on to the raid.

Encroaching Shadows:  debuff applied to random players, does damage to anyone within 9 yards, then does ticking damage until it expires, spawning a void zone, which lasts for the entire fight.

--> Raid should spread loosely, and run out the debuff.  Drop the void zone at one end of the room, far from the rest of the raid, overlapping them if possible.  The room will slowly fill up and we'll need to move the boss.

Special tank debuff:  Despair:  DoT that explodes after 6 seconds dealing 90% of your missing health to the entire raid.

--> Tanks use cooldowns while healers keep the tank at full health.


Void Ascendant, from the initial pull: casts Annihilation, a narrow beam that does damage over 5 seconds, applying a dispellable debuff that increases beam damage.  Deals damage to BOTH players AND adds.
--> Healers will need to dispell this mid-cast multiple times to reset the incoming damage.
--> Tanks, the beam will also damage other people, so face it away from the group.
--> However, we CAN use the beam to damage other adds.  So, when adds are up, try to hit as many as possible with the beam.

When the Void Ascendant dies, it will drop an orb.  Any player can pick up this orb, which will give them an extra action button which will allow them to cast their OWN Annihilation beam.  Tanks are the best for this, as using the orb will completely remove the stacks of Void Corruption.

--> Tanks pick up the orb and use it to damage adds and remove stacks.

Other adds

Spellbound ritualists:  cast void bolt, can be interrupted.

Cultists:  at 100% energy they will turn into a Void Ascendant add.  Not actually worth it to keep them up; just AoE them down with the rest of the adds.

PHASE TWO:  At 100 energy / 80 seconds

Vexiona flies into the air.  She'll breathe down one of three sections of the room (Twilight Decimator), dealing lethal shadow damage.

--> Keep an eye on her and move from that location.

New adds will spawn from a portal, and one cultist will immediately become a Void Ascendant.  Tanks pick up the adds, and make sure to face the Void Ascendant away so the raid doesn't get hit with the beam.

After three breaths she'll land and the fight will go back to Phase One.

PHASE THREE:  40% health

No more adds during this phase, but she will continue with the breath.

--> Tanks should have an Annihilation Beam ready to go to reset their stacks at the start of the phase.  There will not be another Void Ascendant to provide another one.  If the tank can't it's still do-able, but will take more healing.

ALL abilities now apply Void Corruption, so by the end of the phase the raid will be taking very high, consistent ticking damage.

Everyone is also debuffed with Terrifying Presence:  players standing more than 6 yards away from another player have 100% haste reduction.  BUT, Encroaching Shadows is still being cast, which requires players to stand apart and drop void zones outside the raid.

--> Stand in small groups.

Heart of Darkness:  After the cast, raid takes massive falloff damage, reduced by distance from the boss.  Any players not within 6 yards of other players are feared and gain more corruption stacks.

--> Run out, but stick with your small group of players.  (Can overlap with Encroaching Shadows -- use a tremor totem or have one additional player run out with them).
Some clarifications and additional information to add on Vexiona Heroic:

* Every time Vexiona does her Twilight Breath, the tank gains a stack of a Void Corruption debuff.  The DoT lasts for the entire fight OR until you use one of the orbs.

* Raid stand at Vexiona's side, loosely spread because Encroaching Shadows debuff damages everyone within 9 yards.  If you get Encroaching Shadows, run to the wall to drop your void zone.

* Vexiona will apply Despair to the tank on a timer, which explodes when it expires, dealing 90% of the tank's missing health to the raid.

--> When the tank gets Despair, keep him at full health.

* Adds:  there will be a Void Ascendant on the pull, and more adds will spawn from a portal.  The Void Ascendant casts a blue beam (Annihilation), which does a little damage but also applies a stacking debuff that increases its damage.  When it dies it drops an orb that allows the player to cast the same beam.  When cast, it clears the Void Corruption stacks.

--> Face the beam away from the group.
--> Face the add's beam INTO the adds.
--> Healers will need to dispell this debuff during the cast to reset the damage of the beam.
--> Tanks pick up the beam and use it to kill adds AND clear their own stacks of Void Corruption.

Phase 2, Flying Phase

Nothing surprising here, avoid the breaths, tanks pick up adds, kill the adds.

Phase 3 (40%) final phase.  Healing check + raid sticking in small groups.

No more adds in this phase.

This phase is a healing check.  All Vexiona's abilities now apply Void Corruption to the entire raid.  So by the end of the fight, the entire raid will be taking very high ticking damage.

Additional wrinkle:  Players who are more than 6 yards away from anyone else get a haste debuff (Terrifying Presence).  

HOWEVER, stacking up is a problem due to the Encroaching Shadows debuff, which does damage to everyone within 9 yards when it is applied.

--> Stand in small groups.  That way, Encroaching Shadows will damage only a subset of the raid.

ALSO, Vexiona will cast Heart of Darkness, which does massive falloff damage AND for any player not within 6 yards of another player, it does a fear AND applies Void Corruption stacks.

--> When Heart of Darkness is cast, run away while ALSO staying in small groups.

Note: Heart of Darkness may also happen when players are running their void zones out.  So they immediately get feared.  Either use a tremor totem, or have one player run with them.

Vexiona will also cast Desolation on the tank, which applies Void Corruption stacks that are split between players in the circle.

--> Entire raid must stack on tank when Desolation is cast.

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