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As Donalzon put forth last night, it's about time to discuss how we raid as far as the bosses we choose to tackle on a given night.

Currently, we do all the bosses we know we can down ASAP, leaving progression fights for the rest of the week. This has a couple advantages:
- Starting off with as much morale as possible
- Getting possible upgrades for use on more difficult content

However, I see it also as a drawback in the sense it leaves the rest of the week for difficult, discouraging content. And while I don't see this as such (yet?), in past guilds this has also lead to people only showing up for cleared content and then bailing on progression so they can be carried like wimpy little gnomes (not to be confused with strong, heroic gnomes).

I would be much more in favor of going to one dungeon and staying there.
- This gives more time in a dungeon, less time jumping around from area to area.
- It means starting off with a boost in morale that will hopefully carry through for the rest of the night.
- It means less "gaming" of the raid schedule in future.

Baradin Hold is a special case as there's no guarantee it will be available on a given raid night, so that should be thrown in whenever it's available.

So these are my initial thoughts. More input, please.

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I agree that it is something we need to keep an eye on, but we really have been downing these first bosses for just a couple of weeks. We will adjust as needed.

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If it ain't broke don't fix it. I do want to think ahead some but spending an hour and a half fighting Al'Akir isn't very appealing either. I think when we drop a few more bosses we'll have a good enough base to consider going to an instance a raid system. I was also kind of expecting we would be close to a second raid group running by now. Are there people that are coming up looking to raid? How long has it typically taken post-expansion to get the core raiders up and running?

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I think what we got is considered our core raiders, just some cannot accomodate a certain schedule and just seems to work out that we rarely have more than a 10 man group.

As for raiding, I think that we should be focusing on what we can do for certain and leave the rest of the time for progression. Having a bigger gear pool from the first bosses of each instance will allow a broader range of players gear themselves for more difficult bosses. Personally, I think Halfus Wyrmbreaker should be our next focus along side Omnitron Defense Council for this week so next we can work on getting them down faster.
Oryx and Zlinka are up and coming. We can't raid at the moment due to our 3.5 month old baby, but we should get our evenings back in about March or April.

My out of guild raid group has fallen apart, so you can put me back on the list for invites. But I still won't be home till 6:10-6:30 Pacific most days.
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Personally, I'd like to see some switching up with the bosses for specific nights throughout the week since I can only make Fridays. ((side note, I may be able to make one Wednesday a month too))
Torken is almost there, actually. Seeing as how most of these replies are almost a month old, I'm not sure that second raid group is up and running yet. But I would definitely be interested if there are any slots left for a DPS.
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I think we are getting up to about 12-13 a raid although I haven't been to the last couple. Not sure what Yylev's schedule is like atm but she was interested. Eishla eventually as well.

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