Shamans getting kicked in the head again..
WF totem isn't going to proc off of non-white attacks anymore. No more hamstring, no more MS, no more anything but autoattack.

Yeah, because we were SO overpowered before, and ALWAYS wanted in groups. :banghead:
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Heh. Another nerf strictly focused towards PvP, I imagine.
no T_T they have stated they were doing this to minimize the damage done by all Melee DPS in a raid. Apparently they felt that it was too powerful for everyone else to go around double swinging. It honestly is disappointing, though some folks have dodged the problems with it via spec. I hope this baited promise of buffs to all melee classes (enh shaman especially) will come along fast
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I'll still LOVE it fury spec. most of my damage comes from white swings.
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Oh right. I think you meant Wrath of Air. Or Grace of Air.

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