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In the tradition of other classes, the Blood Knights, your new overlords, also require a place to consort and trade tidbits of wicked goodness. Here is our thread to swap lore, discuss builds and to look down your nose at all those weaklings around you who have yet to see the Light.

If nothing else you can at least announce your intentions of making one of the master race.

So do we have anyone out there who has leveled a paladin in the past and has recommendations on levelling builds and the like? Perceptions of the class as a whole?

I'm thinking that for Anathamon I'm going to have to try several build combinations before I find something I like... Either full protection, holy shock+protection, holy shock + retribution, or full retribution. Good thing I'm open minded or I might throw a tizzy like I did for Flu and Cleeyo's specc's.


Leveled one in the past? Yes. Recommendations for same? A pocket mage! >.>

*cough* Right.

My paladin was my first WoW character, and my first 60. As such, it's really hard to draw comparisons, because when I was leveling her, I didn't have the slightest idea what I was doing. It hurts to think about how utterly clueless I was as to my role and how the game worked. This was also nigh two years ago, and I'm gratefully a bit foggy as to the different builds I started out with.

Even so, I did eventually get a clue and like to think I play the class decently now. For soloing, a mixture of Holy and Retribution always worked best for me. I'm an Illumination/Divine Favor junkie. But, having Diehard Healbot practically inscribed on my brain, I'm a little biased.

My most recent build, which I've been playing with a little since the patch, is heavy Protection with some Retribution thrown in for spice. I've been surprised at the tanking competence provided by this, though I do not feel paladins can match warriors or feral druids in that role. That's my personal opinion, and gear and playstyle might have a lot to do with that. I likely won't stick with that spec ( no comments, Tet, none at all =P ), because the mana efficiency and support abilities for Holy (with a smidge of Prot, because Kings is just shiny) outshine the other trees for me.

Were I to level a paladin now (and I'm not completely convinced that I won't Wink ) I would likely start out with 10 points in Holy for the talents which prevent heal interruption, and then branch into Retribution, taking the Benediction > Deflection > Conviction path, and then fill in Holy down to Divine Favor (junkie!) and then finish out Ret through Vengeance. This gives very solid solo ability, decent group dps, good backup healing capabilities, and PVP viability. That would end as a 21/0/30 build at 60...
From 60 to 70... who knows!
Yep.. Divine Favor is like.. The crack of the Holy tree. I'd usally go deep enough for that into Holy, then branch into Ret in my previous paladin builds. Course that was before the 41 point talents.. So dunno now.
Divine Favor is, indeed, crack. You pretty much need it and it's precursor talent unless you intend on being at best a mediocre healer.

My paladin was also my first 60, and technically my first live WoW character. So... Yeah. I had no clue either. I found Ret to be easiest while leveling, but I also had an impressively difficult time actually leveling because I had no idea what gear was good and what was junk.

My most recent build is 10/41/0, forgoing Divine Favor to pick up more defensive talents. I've always been very big on tanking, and I learned that with the new Protection tree you can also solo rather effectively while Protection specced.
Two words.

Reck Bomb


But that's the old Reckoning Sad The new one is a chance on hit to cause an extra attack on your next 4 swings. You can't store them up - its almost exclusively a tanking ability now.
And I LOVE it. To death. Seriously. It was the boost Protection needed to even things out.


I am looking at leveling Anathamon as retribution.

When it comes to end game I will probably spec for protection mostlyif not all to help with off tanking or even try my hand at main tanking some.

But then I also have eyes for a holy shock build... decisions, decisions.

It all comes down to trying to balance my wants (DPS!!!!), the group's needs (pallie buffs!!!), backup tanking, backup healing, and my desire to still be viable in pvp. Easily balanced in a class with trees as black and white the priest talent trees... >.>


Hmmm ok, i'll admit i'm going to try my hand at playing a pallie...never played one before and reading through this...still unsure to what spec i'll head towards.....


Quera will probably end up being something like ret/prot/holy. I was thinking something like this:

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Any thoughts?

Edit: I think this is better. Decided it'd be sheerest folly not to include Blessing of Kings.

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I'm pretty sure that Thrall mostly accepted the BE into the Horde for Blessing of Kings. : )

That and because his shamans refused to wear plate... right Kretol?


anyone use any good pally addons yet? there used to be one that let you set up buffs to party members according to their position in the party. then a push of the button will buff them accordingly. I checked but didn't see one yet. any others out there will be helpful since the toolbars fill up fast around lvl 40. I love walking around everywhere buffing people. How did horde live without them this long. amazes me.
Most of the pallies I played with when I was playing Ker used Whispercast, though I'm not sure if that's gone out of vogue now. Or does it even work anymore with the scripting changes?


well if it helps. I am using Smartbuff/debuff addon. it's easy to use can buff the party with a button that shows up on the screen and you can place anywhere. It has a warning text (that can be modified slightly) that reminds you when someone needs a buff. I also found HolyHope which acts like Neocropolis for locks. makes a little radial button thing for blessings. we'll find out how they do with raiding soon. 2cents.
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