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Since there doesn't seem to be a thread concerning druid discussion/talents/strategies/etc. already, post in here concerning such! ^_^
I actually have a link I'd like to share here (and hopefully this will be the proper place to put it)... <a href="">New Druid Macros, 2.0</a> <- The one thing on Blizzard's Druid Discussion form that's ever had me crying in thanks. Extremely helpful for those of us who got a bit lost once 2.0 hit... I even learned a few fantastic new ones from it as well! : )

& In your guy's opinion, what are the most helpful Druid mods out there? I see <a href="">Druid Bar</a> all over (and it doesn't do me much good seeing as how I'm always in caster form)... but I'm quite curious about others and their helpfulness... /is kind of a mod junkie *blush*

And yeah, Druid love. <3
Great stuff Sound, this is going to help a lot !

I have a druid related question. Regarding talent builds for leveling, what is a good build? Most things I read say either a feral or a feral hybrid build are best for leveling in PvE. Just wondering what other guildmates experiences are?

Really depends on how you plan to level. Will you be soloing mostly? Duo-ing? Full party of people?

If you plan to mostly solo, I would say full feral. Nothing better for it than cat form for sneaking around and tearing through quest mobs.

If you will be planning to duo with a friend....this will depend on their class and build. If they are plrimarily healing, then go feral here also. However, if they are a melee type class, perhaps a resto-balance combo would do nicely.

If you plan on doing mostly party whatever you like.

Personally, I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I am having with my feral Druid. Although I am new to the Bear Form tanking option, I am finding it can be very effective. Cat form can be fairly solid DPS (plus who doesn't love to stealth around), and if needed, I can pop outta feral form to pop an innervate on a healer, Battle Rez the tank, or throw some healing around when needed.

Fun, fun class.

Orc Hunter

aka Shantow, the Dancing Bear
Shantow made a lot of good points there, Grym. : )

When I started playing Sound, I was new to the game and VERY new to the Druid class. All I knew is that I liked to heal.. so I somehow figured I'd stick with full restoration from the get go. Keep in mind I did a LOT of her leveling solo.. and I'll admit, I was a newb, I didn't even learn the proper advantages/mechanics of cat form until my high level 50's. The entire process was PAINFULLY, painfully slow and I really didn't know any better. Through most of her levels, Sound was a bear form, mob killing monster...... three minutes at a time.

Now that I've hopefully learned a bit more (or so I hope), finished leveling, experimented with Sound and have been able to see a lot of the feral side of things through grouping with Shantow and other research, I'm able to be confident now in my decision to embrace the leafy goodness of restoration for all it’s worth. To each their own, but healing seems to be the only thing that keeps this Druid happy. : ) Although I can also equally vouch now that it can be a hellofaheadache to level with if you don’t have the proper company or know how.. So do yourself and your leveling a favor and keep these lessons in mind. They may have been already obvious to many, but to those who were much like me when it came to starting out in those lands of Mulgore, it will be helpful all the same. : )
Great information, thanks guys! Most of my leveling is done solo, so I think the feral path is at least how I am going to get through the next 45 levels. Once I get to 60 (or 70 by the time I get up there) I will have the time to experiement a bit with the various aspects of being a druid and see which play style is going to suit me long term.
Ok. Input.

I began leveling Amato well before the -first- Druid fix. Back when cat form was caster form with rogue abilities and a slight AP bonus. I still found Feral to be the best path -for soloing-. Ask Coranda, I do a lot of soloing. My secondary points went into Resto. However, because of changing attitudes, joining a group no longer automatically makes you the healer now. So do with your points what you will.

Also, with the macro thing... Up until now, I have never used macros. I just don't have anywhere to put them. But I am testing them now, and will see how useful they are.

Hm. Can't seem to get the /equip macros to work...
Just a few quick thoughts.

I sympathize with Sound- I leveled Fleetie as a restoration druid (pre any Druid love from Blizzard) with a great deal of soloing, and it was paaaaainful.

Whichever build you use, excpect to spend a fair amount of time in animal forms when you're soloing. Bear (or sometimes cat) form until low health, then switching to caster for warstomp and a heal, works well. (I tanked Ragefire Chasm with my baby feral druid and no healer that way! Hah!)

The only druid macro I've used is:

/target Fleethoof
/cast Innervate

......after about the 300th time I got low on mana and cast innervate on Kosath. That'll bring a tear to your eye!
Nothing used to make me snicker quite like reading "[8. ilheal] [Fleethoof]: Oh no, I just innervated Kosath again"

Right up until I got Innervate. And started to do similar things.

Also, I got the equip macro to work. Have to remove that [nostance] thingy or it won't go. Now I'm going to see if I can make macros for changing all my gear sets! yeah, right...


Like Sound, when I first started playing, I was somewhat clueless as to game mechanics and the like, and it took some "guidance" from my big brother before I figured out that I was supposed to put most of my points into one tree and I finally learned how to play a druid. Mellith is feral and even in the year that I've been playing, Blizzard has been changing the class (improved leader of the pack!) so much that attitudes are definitely changing for the better.

I would say that if you're concerned about leveling quickly, feral is the way to go. However, resto druids are amazing healers, and I'm not sure that a respec at 60 would give you a good idea about healing as a druid, so you might want to consider a respec at an earlier level. Also... I don't want to bash balance druids either! While that tree doesn't appeal to me personally, I know it's worked well for many in the past... just ask Haida!

Finally... druids are fun! So don't forget to actually enjoy the class as you speed through the levels on your way to 60 or 70.

*bear hugs*


P.S. Get itemrack if you plan to heal/dps/tank. Most of us druidly folk carry around a couple sets of armor. Smile
I am a little confused on gear choices for Cloud. Mostly I am soloing and am using a feral spec. I figure that gear choices with lots of STA would be good, but am not sure if the other attributes like STR, and AGI would be needed for a feral druid.

Also if I am playing caster should I be investing in a set of gear with INT/SPI in it or would it be a bit of a waist as I am leveling rather quickly and outgrow my gear in rapid order?

Note: Am loving the druid, cat form is awesome!!!
((I'll let the real ferals weight in on gear details, but the short answer is that yes, Strength/Agi/Attack Power are all good.

Pick up caster gear once you stop outgrowing gear so quickly, it's honestly not a huge factor in the lower-level instances anyway. Maybe keep an Int. weapon on hand, but otherwise don't worry about it for awhile. You'll know when you need it!))
As far as what gear to look for when leveling up your feral druid...once again, this will really matter on your playstyle.

I would not worry about putting together different sets of gear until I was level 55+. If you enjoy your cat form, and find that you spend most of your hunting time in that form, look for AGI/STA gear...I find that wearing what rogues like to wear to be effective.

If you are spending time as a Bear, think about STR/STA stuff. Maybe even some + Defense if available.

My biggest problem when leveling was bag space. I was carrying around healing gear, wearing my DPS gear and also lugging around some tanking stuff. The problem with this was that I rarely wore ANY of it. If I could do it over, I would only look for AGI/STA gear until about level 55, and then slowly start building a healing and tanking set.



Levelling Mellith as a feral druid, I mostly just looked for whatever armor I could find that was decent... I looked for agility and stamina with some spirit thrown in. If you use cat form a lot, agility is a big deal. Strength... meh. Strength and spirit are what I looked for in sort of a secondary fashion.

As far as a weapon goes, just remember that weapons don't proc. in animal forms. I found maces to be awesome for feral stuff (easier to find good feral maces in general) and staves to be good for healing.

Finally, I know you're probably not thinking about it now, but once you get to around 40, you'll start to get some good quest rewards that you'll be using for a long time (trinkets and the like) so try to keep in mind what you want your end spec to be. I made the mistake of selecting a few quest rewards that were better for my healing set (because I was healing in raids and stuff) and now I'm wishing I had the feral version.

If you need any fancy leatherworking done, Krell and I (mainly Krell... who am I kidding) have a pretty awesome selection of patterns. Rawne had a really nice library as well, and I'm sure you could contact him to do some crafting for you if you need elemental leatherworking done.

I'm getting ahead of myself... but hopefully all of this will be helpful for other future and training druids!

Much druidic love,

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