Laptop suggestions?
Hey, folks; in a month or so, I'm very likely going to be purchasing a laptop. I'd like it to be capable of playing WoW, so I'm looking to find what are the minimum specs you all would consider it would need.
I know some people go "ZOMGDELL", but I'm really fond of their xps series. I have an m1210 and it plays wow smoothly and with decent graphics. They don't sell them anymore, but I looked on their website the other week to get an idea of how much a new one would cost, and the new xps's look pretty sweet
Though I'm not fond of Gateway computers, the gateway P series FX edition laptops run very smoothly and i have yet to find a game it doesn't run well. I play a lot of graphic intensive games like Call of Duty and it runs beautifully with the graphics turned all the way up. WoW on it is no problem what so ever. However, they are a little on the pricey side.
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My parents got a Gateway FX last year. I was pretty impressed with it. It had a 1900x1200 display that they unfortunately don't offer anymore. Plus I like that the keyboards have the separate number pad on the right, too. I was never fond of the ones that integrated with the normal keys.

The main thing you want though, is something that offers a video card with discrete video memory, meaning that it doesn't share video memory with system memory. The other thing that's nice to have is a 7200 RPM hard drive if you can find one. Video card is way more important though.

Also, Windows 7 will be out soon. I'd make sure I got something with a free upgrade. I'd probably also go for the 64-bit version of Vista/Win7 if possible.
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This Dell Inspiron seems to be decent for the price: link

I'm not familiar with the graphics card mentioned, though I (obviously) recognize the brand name. Thoughts?

Also, I've never heard of the Asus brand, but this seems like it might also work.
The Inspiron 15 with the 256MB Radeon 4330 might be ok for WoW. I'd probably consider that Inspiron to be your minimum spec for WoW. Of course, with Cataclysm coming out probably next year, if it were me, I wouldn't stick so close to the low end.

The best of the Dells that I see would probably be the Studio 15 with the 512MB Radeon 4570. It can be configured with a 7200 rpm drive and has a display capable of 1080p (albeit at a slightly small size).

Asus has been around a long time. They made their name in the motherboard arena and have since moved to other areas and are regarded pretty well. The Asus you linked looks pretty nice, and pretty much all around better than the Dell Studio. That video card would be way faster than what Dell is offering. The 17" display is nice, but why only 900 vertical resolution? 1080p would have been more ideal. Only other drawback I notice is the slower HD, but not a deal killer.

You might also consider that other Asus from the BestBuy site.
Actually, I'd pick that over either of those 2 Dells.
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Went to Best Buy yesterday and had a look at both of the Asus models. I really like the 17" screen one...but they're completely out of stock across the US. The smaller one doesn't cost as much, but the screen just seems way too small. The associate at BB said that the warehouse is supposed to be getting more of the 17" screen model on the 24th.

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