Tips for the Alpaca Mount(s)
Hi all,

I was enchanted by Bat's alpaca mount yesterday evening in the raid (It prances!  It jumps!  It's adorable!), and I decided I had to get one too.

There are many guides online, but the upshot is that for the Uldum alpaca mount (the Springfur Alpaca), you need to collect Gersahl Greens, which grow along the river and in the delta of the river in Uldum.  Then you need to feed one Gersahl Green per day to a Friendly Alpaca, which spawns in various locations in Uldum.  After seven feedings (which need not be on consecutive days), the mount is yours!

Some challenges:

1.  The Gersahl Shrubs are hard to see.  

If you have herbalism, no problem, they show up as herb nodes.  But if you aren't an herbalist, they're pretty hard to find.  Here's what I found to be helpful:

* Turn your "Ground Clutter" setting (System--> Graphics) to 1.  This flattens out all the vegetation except for the trees and nodes, which helps tremendously.  Before doing this, I found only one shrub in multiple circuits of the river system.  After setting it to 1, I found all the shrubs I needed within a couple circuits.

* The plants have little red flowers.  Looking for a bit of red helped to locate them (unless you're colorblind).

2.  Finding a Friendly Alpaca to feed.

The Friendly Alpaca can spawn at 13 different spawn points scattered all over Uldum.  Once it spawns, it only stays up for 5-10 minutes.  It appears to have a long respawn timer.  Which means it's possible to fly a circuit around all the spawn points and STILL miss it because it despawns so quickly.

I found it very helpful to join a custom raid group which was seeking the alpaca.  One person camped each spawn point.  When the alpaca spawned, the person camping that spot notified the raid, which converged on that point, and everyone fed the alpaca.  The time I tried it, it took about 20 minutes for it to spawn.  Feeding done for the day!

Note that when it's up, the alpaca is easy to see, because it has a blue exclamation point which shows up on your minimap.  So you'll know it when you see it.

If anybody else has some tips or suggestions, please share!

Happy hunting!
A second alpaca mount is available in Vol'dun!  This is the Elusive Quickhoof alpaca.  This mount also requires feeding but the pattern is different:  a single Elusive Quickhoof alpaca will spawn in Vol'dun.  It has a number of spawn points, and a long re-spawn timer of up to 6 hours.  Once it is up, it may walk along a path, or it may sit for a while.  It won't be up for long:  after a few minutes, it will kick people away and despawn.

You need to find it, and feed it 1 stack of Seaside Leafy Greens mix, before it despawns.  You only need to feed it one stack, just one time.  Then the mount will appear in your bags.


The Elusive Quickhoof does NOT have a blue exclamation point over its head, so it's harder to see than the alpaca in Uldum. You may need to spam a targeting macro to find it.

Before going hunting, make sure to pick up the Seaside Leafy Greens Mix, which is sold by lots of vendors (especially Tortollans).  If you forget, you probably won't have time to buy some and get back before the alpaca disappears.

I strongly recommend getting into a search raid (make sure you choose a raid with the proper War Mode setting, otherwise you'll be phased relative to the rest of the raid and won't be able to see the alpaca, or anyone else.  I learned that the hard way).  If you get into big raid, there will be people waiting over every spawn point and along all of the the Elusive Quickhoof's various paths.  Use a targeting macro so you can search too.

I got mine yesterday and am just delighted with him.

Happy hunting!
The last new alpaca mount is also found in Vol'dun:  it's a rare drop from the skeletal t-rex world boss, Dunegorger Kraulok.  It appears as a 'slightly damp pile of fur,' which will teach you how to summon Mollie.

What's the drop rate like for the last alpaca mount?

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