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Hi everyone,

I discovered a new Assassination rogue guide on Monday, which I've found to be very useful.

In the past I've followed Noxxic's guides, which were helpful up to a point, but I was capping out following Noxxic's instructions.  And I could observe other rogues with the same spec and iLevel out-DPSing Zlinka in PuG raids.  Annoying.

So I did some poking around and found another guide:

This one is subtly different from Noxxic's guide, but the small differences have made a big improvement in Zlinka's DPS.  Some of these differences are tailored to having the 4-piece set bonus (Dispatch grants 2 additional combo points) and the Archimonde trinket (Envenom increases the crit change of Mutilate and Dispatch by 50%).  For me, the two most important differences were not to worry about over-generating combo points because I'm generating so many anyway, and the synergy between Envenom and Mutilate / Dispatch damage.

Anyway -- if you feel that others with your same spec and iLevel are out-DPSing you, keep trying to figure out why!  You may uncover a trick or a synergy you were missing!

Yeah, I know that for me, I am at ilevel 720 and doing only around 40 to 45 k DPS.......I dont know what is wrong though.
It almost seems as if all the dps should be ranged on that fight. It would help with the bombs.
On the Sky Reaver fight: there must be a better way for Sev and I to handle the Artillery barrages to allow the melee to not have to run in and out. I wonder if having a 3rd tank option would work. Granted, it would need to be someone who could still dish out some DPS for the majority of the fight but would be able to survive a few hits while Sev and I are running back and forth.

Basically, Sev runs out a few ticks after getting Artillery, I taunt and tank him until I am getting my countdown to blow up. Then, the 3 rd tank taunts until Sev can get back in and taunt him back. This dance continues as the 3rd tank taunts until the primary tanks are back in position to taunt again. This way, all dps remains on boss during this phase with little movement and we would hopefully have a better idea of where Sev and I will be dropping Artillery at so others could stay clear.

As far as the air phase goes...I have no idea. We just need better burst DPS on bombs.
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Good discussion.  I'm starting a new thread about Iron Reaver with some of the research I've done:  Heroic Iron Reaver.  Jump on over there so this discussion isn't buried in the class forum Smile

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