Pet-Battle Counters
Hi all,

I've been searching for a good "best pet against this type of pet" list.

There's a straightforward list here:

Warcraftpets' Pet Battles Cheat Sheet

... which I consult frequently. This is a "rock scissors paper" list that tells you that an aquatic pet does bonus damage against elementals, has bonus defense against undead, and does reduced damage against magical pets, and receives extra damage from flyers. Every pet type has these types of offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses.

But beyond that, there are unusual pets that have non-standard attacks for their type. For example, critters normally have strong attacks against undead, and bonus defense against elementals. But if you can find a critter pet with aquatic, which are strong against elementals, you've got a real winner: a critter pet that does increased damage against elementals AND takes less damage from them, too. Perfect elemental-killer. And there is just such a pet in the game: the Rapana Whelk (and other snails).

So I was looking for a list of these types of unusual pets -- pets that do extra damage AND have bonus defense against certain types.

And I found a list like that here:

Wren's Overly Simplistic Guide to Pet Battle Counters

I'm having fun perusing this list and seeing if I can come up with some other ones.

* Best anti-elemental pet
We are looking for a critter with aquatic attacks.

Suggestion: Rapana Whelk or any snail with a good debuff and a hard-hitting aquatic attack.
Runner-up: A crab, hardy creatures with self-heals

* Best anti-magical pet
We are looking for a mechanical pet with dragon attacks

Suggestion: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.
Runner-up: Any mechanical.

* Best anti-mechanical pet
We are looking for an elemental with mechanical attacks. Unusually, elementals naturally do bonus damage and have bonus defense against elementals, so there's no need to find an unusual pet here. Any elemental will do.

Wren suggests the Sapphire Cub due to its speed, with Lil'Ragnaros as a runner up. I like the Fel Flame. But there are many good options here.

* Best anti-dragon pet
We are looking for an undead pet with humanoid attacks. There are not very many of these in the game.

Suggestion: Scourged Whelpling
Runner-up: Macabre Marionette

Regular humanoids are strong against dragons, too, even without the defensive bonus of being undead, e.g. the Flayer Youngling.

* Best anti-critter pet
We're looking for a humanoid with beast attacks.

Suggestion: Kun-lai runt

There are also many good beasts to choose from.

* Best anti-flyer pet
We're looking for a dragon with magic attacks. Lots of good options here, too.

Suggestion: Sprite Darter Hatchling or Nether Faerie Dragon (they have the same moves. These have two magic attacks and a good dodge which is great against lift-off attacks.
Runner-up: Celestial Dragon. Moonfire and a nice self-heal. Good all-around utility.

* Best anti-beast pet
We are looking for a flyer with mechanical attacks. There appear to be none of these in the game yet.

Suggestion: Fluxfire Feline.
Runner-up: Any flyer witih a lift-off.

I also like the mechanical gnome. Also the Mechanical Yeti, Darkmoon Tonk.

* Best anti-undead
We are looking for an aquatic with critter attacks.

Suggestion: Frog or Toad. Has two separate critter attacks and s self-heal.
Runner-up: Any critter.

* Best anti-aquatic pet
We're looking for a magic pet with flying attacks. These are pretty rare.

Suggestion: Jade Owl
Runner-up: Enchanted Broom

* Best anti-humanoid pet
We're looking for a beast with undead attacks.

Suggestion: A spider with web / leech life.
Here's another list of double counters!

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