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Anyways ... on the topic of shaman healing and dpsing. Just hold out another few months and you'll have a fresh wave of paladins coming in. All they can do is buff, heal and dispell. :p Only shamans can frostshock.

It seems I've fallen behind in my keeping up with the forums, and for that I apologise. I should have responded to this sooner. Mosty because I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

First off, Tae. My comment about rolling a priest was in no way meant as an insult to that class and certainly not you. I suppose it would have been more accurate to say that I would have rolled a dedicated class instead of a hybrid.

The other point is healing in raids. In my original post I did say that I have no issues with playing back up when needed. If we're short on healers than by all means, I'm happy to jump in and do what I can to help keep everyone alive and smiling. Smile Again I feel I should have been more specific in my commentary. When you look at the upper level armor sets (specificaly tier 3) its ALL about healing. It's blizzards way of saying that you can do what you want, but the longer you raid the more we're going to help you heal and nothing else. So while I can see where it came across as a complaint about having to heal during MC, it was really more a complaint against Blizzard and it's narrowly focused plan for the class.

I have to say that I truly enjoy playing a support role when it's needed. In the battle grounds I spend as much time defending as I do attacking because quite frankly, someone needs to do it. The Ironsong Tribe is THE most amazing group of people I've ever been blessed to be a part of. I have loved it since the first day I became a member. In fact, I willingly left my other server, over a year of hard work, 4 lvl 60 characters, and many friends to be with Ironsong full time. I will always do what I can to help the people of our Tribe and lend my power and skills to the best of my ability. I do this because I have great respect and admiration for our Tribe.
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Okay, finally a long-overdue post from me in this thread. ^_^

Firstly, my spec: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 0500050100</a><!-- m -->

Basically, it's 0/30/21.

I have always loved being offensive and defensive in melee, while also being able to keep myself up longer with some restoration talents - the Healing Focus (and previous ILHW) was definitely helpful due to being in melee all the time, and Nature's Swiftness has always shown its use time and time again, either when trying to get a quick heal on myself when I'm under heavy attack, or quickly saving another from succumbing to a messy fate.
Totemic focus I have always enjoyed, since I make full use of the variety of my totems. In fact, seeing other shaman who may only use one or two totems at a time instead of the full four (or three, if fire isn't really wise) often tends to annoy me, which I can't really help. But anyhow, with the increase to this talent with our review (25% reduction from 10%), it helped me exponentially.

Now, as far as enhancement goes... I find it amusing that there have been many who have apparently assumed (generally speaking) that enhancement shamans will always use a two-handed weapon. We have the talent to enable us to use them, but it doesn't mean we -need- to because of that. I have done extremely well as an enhancement shaman since... well, forever, and most of that time has been with a shield. Speaking of shields, I'll go into my talent choices.
Before the patch, I used to have Ancestral Knowledge. However, with the improved shield specialization, I decided to go with that instead, especially since an improved chance to block means a lesser chance to get critted. I chose to go with Guardian Totems among others mainly due to the Grounding Totem improvement, which factors highly in the amount of PVP I do (which is actually just defending Horde outposts). The Stoneskin and Windwall have not seemed to make a difference, however.
Elemental Weapons was chosen for obvious reasons, since I rely more on melee instead of spell damage. Weapon Mastery was also taken for this reason, though before the patch I used to have five points in toughness, which I do miss, but doesn't seem to make too much of a difference after a certain point with armor reduction.

Long ago, I went elemental/restoration for a short period of time - this was actually shortly after the honor system came out, and before the BGs were live. I greatly enjoyed the increased spell damage and shortened cast time on my lightning spells/shorter cooldown on shocks. My stronger chain lightning was definitely a plus in the constant battle of Hillsbrad during that time. However, even though the much more powerful spells were addicting, I knew my heart could not leave my enhancement of body behind for long, so shortly after I switched back.

Over time I have considered respeccing to various things a few times (mainly having to do with elemental versus enhancement), but I never do.

Another comment I'll make is regarding other melee-oriented shamans. We can certainly be a deadly force in close-quarters, and I know this more than many, even without having full tier 2/3 and something like a Hand of Ragnaros, etc. However, you <b>must</b> still keep a vigilant eye on your healing duties. Yes, there may be a priest or druid that might be a designated healer. However, if people are getting dangerously low, or if chaos is breaking loose, etc, do <b>not</b> just hope the person mentioned previously will be able to get a heal off in time. Go ahead and shoot off a heal or two. There are some shaman that I've witnessed not even bothering to <i>start</i> a heal until someone might be 5% or less from dying. It doesn't make sense to me.
This, along with the totem comment above, are the two things that will really bug me if I see other shaman doing such things. Oh, and those that don't purge! Purge is a huge advantage that I actually rarely see other shamans use in normal situations, oddly enough. But enough of my ranting paragraph.

um... what was I talking about again? O.o

Oh, another topic! Raiding... I'll be damned if I let anyone tell <b>me</b> what I'd better be doing for a given situation. Certain times my healing abilities will definitely be better (and needed), but otherwise, I am going to melee; that's what I love, and as long as it's not wholly dangerous to do so (like fighting Ragnaros or Shazzrah), I'm going to beat things over the head. It's more effective for me, for how I'm specced, while also throwing out spot-heals. It's easier for me, considering I'm in the fray and closer to other melee folks who will more likely need my heals, not to mention the melee folks in my group will get more benefits since I'll be there with them dropping totems in addition to the spot-healing.
Of course, meleeing comes with its dangers, such as getting agro and summarily getting hammered. Rarely do I die when this happens, but this also depends on whether I'm using a big two-hander or a one-hander and a shield. Using my Hand can still put out respectable damage along with the proc insta-casts (lightning bolts or heals, usually), but it can't beat using the Lava Dredger and Windfury procs, as far as pure damage is concerned.
I kinda forgot where I was going with this... but then again, most of this post is just a jumble of my thoughts. Maybe I'll add more later...
I echo Kretol on the importance of keeping totems down and spot healing for shaman. I really try and keep totems down throughout fights, and even, afterward to replenish mana and health. I do have one question that I have been playing with a little: Stoneskin or Strength of Earth for melee damage mitigation. I kind of situationally deploy them, depending on the type of damage I expect. Any thoughts here? I would also be interested in hearing from warriors on this, since they are the ones on whom damage is mitigated.

I also think that what is good about shaman is their flexibility. Hopefully, this will be made more of an asset when the expansion comes out.

Finally, I recently (a couple of weeks ago) went full resto. Here is my current build.
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Seems like I am primarily a healer these days, whether in raid or group. I have a level 60 mage for farming, as Jaba is pretty slow at it with this spec.

A little about my talent choices. I added ancestral healing and tidal mastery over my previous spec. My crit rate with heals is right around 15%, and I believe the extra armor helps Kosath on the bosses in MC. I went with ancestral knowledge for that extra LHW in a fight. IMO, the biggest drawback to shaman healing are mana efficiency, and in 10 or 5 man groups, aggro from heals. I think I have done pretty well on mana with mana tide, the shaman trinket, and using lower ranked lhw and ilhw with +healing and +mana/5 gear. I occasionally still draw agro as primary healer in a small group, and have not figured that one out. THere is a trinket from Cenarion rep that might help.

I do miss the big melee crits with two hander, but I enjoy the healing and support role. It keeps me on my toes.

As far as Stoneskin versus Strength of Earth...
I used to always go with Stoneskin for a good deal of time when I was in group 1. However, after thinking about it, I started to switch off between it and Strength of Earth. After all, the - to damage goes in <b>before</b> the damage reduction, so in the end, with a main tank's already high damage reduction percentage, it probably wouldn't make all that much difference. Strength of Earth on the other hand would benefit how much damage is reduced from a block. With shield block, it would probably be much more effective.
Furthermore, Stoneskin has no effect on elemental damage, which I'm sure most are already aware, though I can't remember if I still see some people dropping Stoneskin totems while we're fighting fire mobs/bosses.
Just one thought about the two, I feel that the whole group gets much better use out of strength of earth. A couple wednesdays ago, Kretol was in my group. Thus I had strength of earth on me most of the time. The result was that I for the first time in a long time, I broke the top ten in dps. I believe I ended up with around 1400 melee attack power. That helps a lot more than a rather small reduction in damage, especially since that just lowers my rage anyway.
Aye, I forgot to mention that as well! Stoneskin will usually only affect the tank in the group, and even that will be not very often unless we're fighting more than one mob, such as hound packs or something to that effect.

Strength of Earth is more beneficial because not only does it only help the tank, but <i>anyone</i> doing melee DPS in the group. The only time I'll really consider Stoneskin is some place like the imp packs, because IIRC, they do melee damage along with the fire AEs... I think. I haven't actually paid attention to their melee attacks since I'm usually focused on healing and dropping fire nova/magma totems. *innocent grin*

I should probably mention that I will drop totems that will, most of the time, benefit me firstly. Wink Strength of Earth and Grace of Air mainly, along with a water totem and various fire totem. If I'm ever in a group where someone wants Windfury, they'd better be very persuasive :twisted:... unless, of course, I'm in group 1 or 2 with either the MA or MT. In that case, their increased rage would be a <i>bit</i> more beneficial. I suppose. Maybe. Wink
Lately I've been hanging out in the rogue/hunter groups, so a Strength of Earth/Grace of Air combo is the most sensible option. But I agree that SoE is better than Stoneskin in nearly every Core encounter -- we have such a deep heal team that it's better to just kill things quickly than mitigate damage.

I'll be respeccing to resto/enhance this week, 0/13/38, for a raid-centric buffer/healer role. Two-handers and Enhancing Totems from the enhance tree is an easy choice, but I'm still waffling on what to do with the extra resto points. Can anyone help me out with deciding how to use my last 7 points between Totemic Focus, Healing Focus, Tidal Mastery, and Nature's Guidance?

Here's 0/13/31: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I'm leaning towards 5 in Healing Focus and 2 in Totemic Focus.
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If you go for Ancestral Healing, I would recommend Tidal Mastery to increase your crit chance, and make this proc more often with both HW and LHW. Especially, useful when spamming lower rank healing waves during boss fights.

Then, 2 in Totemic Focus to get some mana cost reduction. Any little bit helps.

A more raid-centric role? Hmm... that's hard to say.

How often do you find yourself under attack when trying to heal? If often, I'd suggest to indeed go with the talents you outlined.
If not very often, I'd suggest to switch the amount of points in each. After all, you'll always be dropping totems, and all that saved mana with the talent indeed adds up.

I would also make a suggestion to consider moving three points from IHW down so you could have five points in -both- Totemic and Healing Focus.
Hmm... thanks, that's helpful.

So, perhaps more like this: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Full Totemic Focus and Tidal Focus for mana conservation; Ancestral Healing and full Tidal Mastery to hit it more often. In exchange, I give up Healing Focus, which decreases my ability to heal-tank in 5 mans.

If I discover that this limits me too much, I may go back and take a few points away from the mana conservation ones to get Healing Focus back.
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Just some random thoughts for a Friday morning.

I used chain heal a little more in MC on Weds. than usual. It seemed to be more effective with the patch 1.12 change. I've quit using damage meters since it is no longer supported and don't want to cause UI problems with 1.12 change, so I don't really know the stats on it. Just a general impression.

It seems to me that the use of Stoneskin vs SoE is very situational. For instance, if I am in Group 1, which is mainly casters except for Kosath, Stoneskin might be useful on things like surgers. Then, again on bosses, SoE is probably more useful, since Kosath is taking most of the melee damage.

Lastly, where in MC would grounding totem be useful? I have used it on Gehennas' guards. Anywhere else?

I had Recap running on Wednesday, Jabadue, and it seemed to run just fine. You were in the top 3 with good numbers so Chain Heal certainly wasn't hurting.

Re: grounding totem, Kretol recently reminded me that it works against Lucifron's guards as well. I'd forgotten that!
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Evenin' folks just had some odd questions about something I have been hearing alot of lately. I had never heard or seen any of it before so it was a little odd to be hearing it at first. But some one was talking about stacking weapon imbues (windfury and rockbiter was the example he had) Now it may seem kinda noobish for to ask, but how in the blazes is that possible? I thought that only one weapon imbue could be going on at a time. Course it could always have been the pants that give it he was talking about. But that didn't seem the case. But figureing out if there was a way around it would definetly help me out a bit.

Spec: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I am not all into resto, but deep enough that I am definetly a support char more then a frontal. Find that like jaba said a while back (damn I feel so odd posting in a thread that has been dead for a 2 months or more) stackin' tidal mastery with ancestral healing is one of my favored paths. Course tidal mastery stacked with Call of thunder is nice to, but hard to rely on for dps. Which leads me back to having to kite while soloing, which I absolutely abhore. So anything that would help that could help (like stacking melee imbues) would be quite an intersting find
Zeengo Wrote:But some one was talking about stacking weapon imbues (windfury and rockbiter was the example he had) Now it may seem kinda noobish for to ask, but how in the blazes is that possible?

Quite easy - It's not! Where is this example he was giving?
Also, don't worry about posting in here simply because there hasn't been a post since September. It'll always be useful for us. ^_^

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