FAQs - Accessing the Member Forums, Roster, and more!
If you are an out-of-guild raider that may be joining a Tribe group heading into someplace like Karazhan, please apply to the OOG Raiders group.

If you would like to see something put on the FAQ page, please don't hesitate to email me!

Q: What kind of guild is the Ironsong Tribe?
The Tribe would probably be considered a medium to medium-heavy roleplaying/family guild. We encourage members to roleplay in all public channels as well as guildchat, and require OOC remarks in guildchat to be designated (such as with double-parenthesis or brackets, for example).

Q: Who are the officers and leader of the Tribe?
Sreng is the Warlord (leader) of the Tribe.
The Blademasters and Farseers consist of Kosath, Shillatae, Eveline, Fleethoof, Kretol, Thurga, Merrina, Dispaya and Damoxian.

Q: Does the Tribe raid?
Yes, the Tribe does plan 'expeditions' into places up to and including the Molten Core. However, these raids are seen as a 'perk,' per-se, for our members. Our focus as a guild is mainly role-playing, and anyone who attempts to join the Tribe simply to get in on our raids will not be successful.
It should be noted that our raiding and loot system was created with the casual gamer in mind - we use a weighted roll system, so even those that have real-life obligations barring them from most of our raids will still have a chance to receive an item when they are able to attend. (Paragraph needing revision to update from MC days)

Q: What's the policy with alts?
Any alts that have not been logged in for more than 180 days (6 months) will be removed from the Tribe to clear up the roster a bit. Any Grunt or higher-ranking member is welcome to have any number of active alts in the Tribe, so if you find your sidelined alt removed and want it back in to play again you are welcome to have them reinvited at any time for further play.

For those who may not be aware our policy on mains is that no main character is removed from the Tribe unless they have been inactive for a full year. Also, should anyone be away for a long time and then find themselves removed from the Tribe we generally welcome any former member who left in good standing without much fuss, usually just ask folks to come to a Moot so that newer members get to meet them.

Web Site
Q: How do I access the member forums if I'm a grunt or above?
Apply to the Members usergroup (from your User Control Panel) if you are a grunt and need access to the member forums.
Please only request member access if you are a full member (ie, grunt+). Otherwise, your request will be denied.

Q: What's up with the guild Roster?
It can be accessed via the link at the top of the site, or by this link.

There are a few ways to import information regarding your own characters. Instructions on doing so can be located on the roster page itself - just click the link that says "Click here for Updating Instructions" on the roster, or simply scroll to the bottom.

Regardless of whether you want to upload your character information the easy way or slightly more tedious way, you'll need to download a mod, CharacterProfiler, which can be downloaded from here. Tips and information on using it can also be found on that site as well, beneath the download link.

The most convenient way, once installed and configured (which only takes a few seconds), is to use UniUploader. Instructions on setting it up once installed can be found down below in the FAQ after this one.

The other way to upload your character information is to follow the updating instructions at the bottom of the roster page. Smile (As a side note, on the update page you can hover your mouse cursor over the name of a file, such as CharacterProfiler.lua, to see where it is located)

As an added bonus...
Once you have uploaded your character information, you can get a generated signature image and avatar image for your use:

Signature: http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster/sig/xxxxxx.png
Avatar: http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster/av/xxxxxx.png

Simply replace 'xxxxx' with one of the characters' names you uploaded, and you'll be able to see a signature or avatar image of your character!

Q: How do I use UniUploader with the roster?
Some of you may not wish to bother going into the roster and uploading your SavedVariables file manually. If that's the case, you've probably considered getting UniUploader! This will do all the hard work for you and can update your character information with just a few clicks of your mouse, once the program is configured properly.

When you first run the program after installing it, you'll see a text input box for a URL and a dropdown selection for your WoW account, among other things.

For the URL, you'll need to use: http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster/update.php

Select the account of the character(s) you wish to upload the information to the guild roster (if it's not selected), then click on the "Show SVs" button in the bottom left area if the Saved Variables pane to the right is not already showing. You should already be in simple mode, and should see an Advanced Mode button (don't click it - if you're already in Advanced Mode, the button should say Simple Mode, so click it to get into that mode).
Finally, ensure the checkbox next to CharacterProfiler is checked. You do not have to put anything in the boxes under Upload Access for a username and password. If you also have the PvPLog addon, you can check that one as well.

Once this is complete, you'll be able to click the Upload button, and your character should be updated after a few seconds! (You can check the status by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the window)
You can verify it was successful by checking the roster and clicking on your character(s') name(s).

[Image: uniuploader.jpg]
P.S. Be sure you are logged out of World of Warcraft before attempting to upload your character information!

Q: How do I get a nifty animated avatar?
Check out Dezna's awesome guide here!

Q: What is the Ironsong Ventrilo server information?

Server: defend.typefrag.com
Port: 16935
Password: [Check with an IST member for the password!]

Click here for Ventrilo server status!

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