(Kretol) Tentative build for Cata

Saving for future reference!
Noting my new prospective build after the talent revamping:
Yet another build, as of 7/22 -

For those used to cookie-cutter specs, I deviate a bit from the standard fare of getting talents purely to maximize DPS. I've always been big on mobility, so picking up Ancestral Swiftness (which is an improved version of [spell]Improved Ghost Wolf[/spell]) is a boon for me. The fact that I don't have to worry about putting an enchant like [spell]47901[/spell] on my boots and can focus on something more offensive is also a boon. Allegedly, Ghost Wolf will be usable indoors as well, but we'll see if that is actually the case.

[spell]Earthen Power[/spell] is also a utility spell I enjoy. While its purpose is mostly for PvP, I like the challenge of finding uses in PvE (one big example is Sindragosa's [spell]69649[/spell] ability - removing this from the tank will make their job easier for moving away during [spell]70123[/spell], as well as allow the tank to contribute their own DPS to the fight). There are a fair amount of other situations where this can be useful, but most people tend to spurn situational spells and prefer things that provide a more obvious benefit for less thought.
How do you feel about mana-saving talents? Blizz says Enhance shammies will need to worry about mana while fighting...do you think you'll be ok solely with Primal Wisdom and (the new) Shamanistic Rage? Still learning about Enhancement Shamans; do you get to melee with Lightning Shield up a lot now, or do you have to use Water Shield? My information is probably years out of date, so looking to learn here. Smile
Nganga Nyeusi
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What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?
I've always liked having the extra mana conservation talents. [spell]51522[/spell] and [spell]Elemental Focus[/spell] are talents I use currently, and I'll definitely be getting Primal Wisdom. I do recall reading about how mana will be a premium, considering our gear will generally -not- have Int on it anymore. Therefore, any mana preservation will be a boon.

Also, currently I do indeed have LS up all the time. However, this may be because I have the aforementioned talents. Lately, my 10-man's ret paladin has been having to tank, so if I'm specifically saving [spell]Shamanistic Rage[/spell] for a specific time during the fact, I'll gradually run low on mana. Again, though, this is only because SR is a DPS boost with the T10 set bonus.

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