Kharazan and You
This thread is to report on the progress of people and their steps through the process of being keyed for the first 10 man instance in the game, Kharazan. Please report where you are at so some of us can make preparations to take on this dungeon.

Damoxian - Complete (Warlock)
Tetsumis - Complete (Warlock)

Mizar - Complete (Hunter)
Kilro - Complete (Hunter) - Out of Guild

Jivundus - Complete (Warrior)
Abbru - Complete (Warrior)
Umu - Complete (Warrior - Inactive)
Efluvious - Complete (Warrior)
Daichallar - Complete (Warrior)
Serous - Complete (Warrior) - Out of Guild

Zeenjai - Complete (Priest)
Dannae - Complete (Priest)
Naruth - Complete (Priest)

Ebberk - Complete (Mage)
Vanae - Complete (Mage)

Anathamon - Complete (Paladin)

Kretol - Complete (Shaman)
Wakaraina- Complete (Shaman)
Jabadue - Complete (Shaman)

Lucrenda - Complete (Rogue)

Greyfirth - Complete (Druid)
Mahiah - Complete (Druid)
Sound - Complete (Druid)
Shantow - Complete (Druid)

I will keep a tally of things as they are reported to me.
Getting keyed is easy! Here's the 38 steps you need to complete! :twisted:

1. Travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass. You will receive 2 quests here. Complete those two quests in the direct area and you will be sent to Dalaran.

2. Travel to Dalaran, speak to the guy you need to (he's on the north side of the bubble) and you will be sent to Shattrath.

3. Go and speak to Khadgar in the center of Shattrath (who you started the tour with and who you decided which faction you wanted to be) and he will send you to get the first key fragment from Shadow Labyrinth (need to kill Murmur at the end and it's in a pot near him).

4. Go back to Khadgar in Shattrath and he will give you a quest to get the 2nd and 3rd key shards. The 2nd key shard will require you to travel to The Steamvault in Coilfang Reservoir and is located in the deep pool of water near the first boss. You will find it in the corner at the bottom of the pool.

* The second key part is soloable for mages, druids and rogues.
* Note- Since the 2.0.7 patch, there is a guard that spawns (70 elite) instead of the key being in the box. You must kill him and loot the corpse. Can be solo'ed, but best done as a duo/trio.

5. If your group has the key or a rogue with 350 lockpicking for Arcatraz then skip this and go straight to 6. If not, then follow this.

* First you must obtain the quest from Area 52 called "A Heap of Ethereals".
* Next you'll have to kill Warp Raider Nessad. Go and kill him and return to the quest giver.
* Then you will be sent to Eco dome mid-realm where you will be given the task of collecting 10 surveying equipment boxes. Return to the quest giver.
* You will then be sent to Nexus-Prince Haramad in Stormspire who will ask you to locate triangulation point using his device (Co-ords 66,33) and then deliver to Dealer Hazzin at the protectorate watchpost.
* Then you will be asked to discover Triangulation point 2 (co-ords 28,41) and hand in to Wind Trader Tuluman at small trading point back across the bridge.
* Then you will be asked to go kill the elite demon at 53,21 (very easy tbh, can be 2 manned if not solo'd) to complete the full triangle and to recover the Ata'mal Crystal
* Take this crystal to Nexus-Prince Haramad and you will be ambushed by 3 blood elves... dont worry, the Ethereals annhiliate them for you.
* Then take the portal where Nexus-Prince came from during the blood elf attack to Shattrath and speak to A'dal in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath.
* Now you will be given the quest to obtain the Arcatraz Key shards. The Top Half of the Arcatraz key can be located in The Botanica of Tempest Keep (left floating island) and drops from Warp Splinter, the final boss.
* The Bottom half of the key drops from Pathaleon the Calculator in The Mechanar of Tempest Keep (right floating island). Be warned: If you wipe on the last boss of The Mechanar or the waves of mobs before him, the door will bug and will not reopen even when you run back. To avoid this, take a warlock for soulstone or you'll have to page a GM and hope they get back to you quick enough and are willing to portal you to the other side.
* Once you have both key shards take them back to A'dal in Shattrath and you will have your Arcatraz key.

6. The third fragment of the Karazhan key can be found in The Arcatraz of Tempest Keep. You aren't required to kill any bosses if your group chooses not to and you will find the key shard in the room where you first encounter voidwalkers. This room is the first room you come to after you go up the "glass" ramp in the first boss room. As you enter the voidwalker room, the shard is found to the immediate right in the corner of the room.

* The third key part is soloable for rogues. it's pretty difficult, but definitely possible.
* Note- Same as the second key, this one requires a group to kill the guard. 2 rogues to keep the patrolling voidwalker distracted while a druid (feral) and another rogue kills the guard (the first rogue distracting joins the fight) can make things easier. Still stealthable, just challenging.

7. Now you have the 2nd and 3rd key fragments, return to Shattrath, hand them in and you will be sent to The Black Morass in the Caverns of Time and you will need speak to Medivh to activate your key. However this means completing the Black Morass event. This event will require you to kill elites that spawn from portals whilst protecting Medivh whilst he opens the Dark Portal. From every 6th portal a boss will spawn. After the 18th portal the Dark Portal will open and the task is complete. You can now speak to Medivh and claim your Master Key to Karazhan. At this point return to Khadgar in Shattrath. Note: In order to enter this instance of the Caverns of Time, you need to have completed the Durnhold Keep event in Old Hillsbrad.

8. Once you have returned to Khadgar you will be sent back to Karazhan where your Karazhan quests will begin!

You are now attuned to Karazhan!!
And this key is worth all that trouble? Tongue
I am fully keyed!
Just need to do Old Hilsbrad and the Morass. Hopefully tonight.
Shantow has gathered the 2nd key, and still need to acquire the 3rd key and then successfully negotiate the Black Morass.
Greyfith and Freithe both need piece 3 and the black morass.
Lucrenda just needs black morass.

And was wondering if others finish the morass and one drops out and you join can you
go in to get key complete.

Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
Nope - the quest is completed as soon as the event is over. Then you talk to Midevh and turn it in for the key.
Just need the Black Morass now.....

I wasn't there but I saw during the moot there was a 9-man raid of Karazhan in progress! I don't know if you had a non-Tribe 10th but either way you better have done well! I want a souvenier! Maybe one of you will even get the horse drop!

(O.o )
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Zhebra, 70 Troll mage
Polled, 70 Tauren huntress
Diljabar, 38 Orc warlock… reincarnated…
Tetsumis is now keyed.

And Shealtiel, it was Kilro leading the raid. We downed the first boss, and made a good attempt at the second. We then went on to down a demon hound. Was a good night.
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Efluvious is now keyed for Kharazan. My business here IS done. *meanders off looking lost*
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Naruth is finally keyed, and if anyone ever asks me to go to the Black Morass again, I cannot be held responsible for any violence that might ensue. Wink
As a slight aside, We have beaten Attunmen the Huntsmen and Morose the Steward, congradulations to those who participated in these fine Ironsong firsts.

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