Macro Scripts
Is anyone here familiar with the scripting used in macros? I'm looking to edit some of my RP macros to be less spammy, and fire only when the ability actually casts.

I'm also looking to randomize how often the /emote is fired off as well. I know SendChatMessage sends the /say, but I have no idea what sends an /emote.

Maybe I've missed the right posts on the WoW forums, but I didn't see anything there, and I haven't had any responses to my posts there.
I am looking for similar things, however the problem I have found is that macros can not check for buffs, cool downs, or similar.
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I think scripts can, and I know I used to have a macro that would fire the emotes if and only if the casting fired, but I can't remember them for the life of me.

It gets spammy for my RP macros to fire off an emote every time, and only fire off a /say 20% of the time.

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