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Just an fyi....due to recent computer problems I am unable to login to WoW. These particular problems have prompted me to purchase a new computer, but I am having no luck in getting the patches to download.

Seems I am behind a firewall....and even when I disable the firewall it doesnt seem to help. The new computer is running Microsoft Vista which I am completely unfamiliar with, and at this point I hate.

For those that may be computer savvy and would have any ideas for troubleshooting, let me know.

Gateway GT5438
Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 1.80GHz
2046 MB RAM
nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB

I'm quite certain this problem has something to do with the McAfee Firewall, but I cannot find any option that allows me to tell my computer to allow access to Blizzard Downloader like on my old computer.

Basically, I'm furious.

Krell aka Jay
Are you able to connect to TS?
It is a bit extreme but I would suggest taking your old Windows XP disks and formatting your new computer to Windows XP. We have done a number of tests here with Vista and none of us like it, and it tends to break a lot of stuff.

Run the XP for a while until they manage to make Vista into a stable OS, then you can switch back if you want. If I could find a port for WoW to Linux I would be running that at home, I just dislike Microsoft.
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I agree with Cloudjumper on this one, Vista has not been very kind to it's userbase since it's release. XP is much more stable and compatible.

As an aside, I was running WoW in Linux for more than a month, before I stopped playing, using Cedega (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.transgaming.com">http://www.transgaming.com</a><!-- w -->). You gotta pay, but it's worth it in my opinion...
At this point, I have not had the time to DownLoad TS or Vent...and if you ask around to a few people they will let you know how completely 'puter stoopid I am. So Kretol, if you could please reply with the websites to DL them from, and possibly some basic directions I'd be much appreciated.

As an update to the problems, I was finally able to get WoW loaded, get the patch DL'ed, but at the very end it gave me an error message. I will re-run it tonight and post the error message as last night I was just to damn frustrated to write anything down.

Also, as far as loading up Windows XP....where do I sign up? I imagine I will need to locate my old XP disks (assuming I got them when I bought the old computer) and then figure out how to remove Vista and apply XP. Good luck me....

Krell aka Jay
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and yep, you'll need your XP discs from your previous computer. With any luck HP gave you an actual XP install disc and not some stupid restore program that will only work on their computer.
Reinstalling your OS might be hasty. Some of the new machines built for Vista occasionally have hardware for which no XP drivers exist and could result in you having no sound, for example. McAfee is very possibly the problem, or the built in Vista firewall if it is active. I recommend AVG if you want a free antivirus or Trend Micro if you want to purchase a full one. Look to see if there is an uninstaller for McAfee, and then if not try using Windows add/remove programs function to take it out of there.
Honestly, I'm recommending to any gamer friend that will listen to stay off Vista till at least 2008.

Right now the drivers, particularly the video drivers, are core functionality only.

I've been dual booting XP Pro and Vista Home Premium for a few months now.

Out in the wild I get 20FPS with half the graphical options turned down on Vista and 10-15FPS in cities. On XP I have every graphical option maxed and am even forcing even more options on my video card and I get a solid 30-45FPS no matter where I go.

And that's after tweaking everything I could find and reading up on all the many issues.

Nvidia actually has "Poor Performance in World of Warcraft" listed as one of its outstanding issues with the current drivers.

We all went through this with XP when it was new. XP wasn't truly stable for almost a year after it came out.

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