Totemic Tips
Use this thread to discuss tips on using certain totems. Perhaps discuss an uncommon use for a certain totem, or tricks on when to use others!
Don't touch the adds!

I've yet to have stoneclaw not hold the 2-3 adds I usually manage to pull while I heal up after killing the heaviest hitter among them.

But don't pop any heals during the first fight or use chain lightning to open, or there will almost always be at least one of them that ignores the totem.
Grounding Totem

Do not underestimate how useful this totem can be. Sure, it can redirect the typical casted spells (like fireball, frostbolt, and other ones with a cast time), but it can also redirect ones that you may not immediately think of.

Some examples include sheep (from Talon King Ikiss, for instance), some targeted fear-type spells/abilities (like the nether rays in the Underbog), poison bolt-type spells (also from the Underbog, from the flying serpent things), and many others.

Don't be afraid to experiment to see what different effects the totem may be able to redirect, and think outside the box! Smile
Tremor Totem

Surely we all know how useful this totem can be, but also how it can be no help at times. If you're ever against a mob that fears (single or AE), this totem can usually be of assistance.

If it's single-targeted, if you don't happen to have a grounding totem down (or if the grounding totem won't absorb it/you're using another air totem), if you don't happen to be the one that gets feared, don't hesitate to immediately drop another tremor totem, even if you have one out already! This will remove the fear effect as soon as you drop it, so don't have to wait for the Tremor's pulse.
The same works with the AE fears - if you (by some stroke of luck) happen to resist the fear, immediately drop another tremor, and all of your party members will have the fear removed (this is assuming they're in range of the totem, of course).

Also keep in mind how it removes sleep effects - the physicians in the Mechanar are a prime example of this. However, if your reflexes are good, you can interrupt their casting of anesthetic (their sleep ability) with a well-timed earth shock. If you're rather be safe, you can keep a tremor down for 'insurance;' if you're the one that's put to sleep, you can rest assured that it'll be removed in moments. If you're not, you can either wait for the totem to pulse, or drop another tremor to have it removed instantly.

Finally, charm effects. Many charms in BC cannot be removed by the totem from my experience, simply because it's often a channeled spell (such as the totems in Sethekk Halls) or a possession by a ghost (like in Auchenai Crypts). It really depends on the mechanics of how the mind control works, and with experience you can learn to differentiate between ones that can and can't be removed with Tremor.
Grounding Totem

This is, imo, King of the Totems. It entirely negates so many enemy abilities that it's not even funny, and the best part is, it's immune to many of them, meaning it sticks around!

The best example of this is a targetted fear effect. The totem nabs it, is immune, so not only are you protected, but your totem sticks around.

In PvP, this is even better. And remember, you can drop it as you watch the castbar of your enemy. Logros very, very, very rarely loses to 1vs1 against mages unless they've got a water elemental out, or start waaaay away.

Flametongue Totem

This is one that most shaman (myself included) seem to totally forget we have. Yes, Windfury is great, and superior to Flametongue. But if you're using another air totem (Wrath or GoA), this is a great one to drop. Really, how often are you going to get to drop another flame totem, unless you're Elemental 41? The damage can really help a warrior/pally keep aggro.

Stoneskin Totem

The first instinct for enhance shamans is to drop GoS, for the big AP buff. But also keep in mind the humble Stoneskin totem, which can reduce a heckuva lot of damage if you're up against fast-hitting enemies.

In PvP, this one is especially effective against rogues/druids (although you'll usually being using earth for something else).
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