Vent Normalization
I know it will sound like I'm lying, but I actually picked up useful information while trolling the WoW General Forums. This is from Thrux of Darkspear.

Quote:Vent Normalization makes every bodies voice the exact same volume. In essence, you won't blow your ear's out or have difficulty hearing people.

Here's how:

- Go to Setup

- Enable Direct Sound

- Select the SFX Button

- Select Compressor and click Add.

- Under Compressor Properties use the following settings

- Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)

- Attack = 0.01

- Release = Around 500

- Threshold = Around -30

- Ratio = 100

- Pre delay = 4.0

Haven't tried it out myself, but thought I'd share as it seems like it should.
You must be lying if you said you gathered this from the General Forums. Nothing useful EVER comes from there.

Kretol's jealous that he didn't find it first. Wink
I saw that the other day. I put the settings in, but not been in a vent group yet to test em
Mellith Wrote:Kretol's jealous that he didn't find it first. Wink
If I was jealous of that, I'd do something evil. *grin*
[Image: lolcat_NoMom_animated.gif]

Thank you for the very helpful info, Kaerrah.
I tested this tonight with Damo, Efluv, Tet and Kretol. It works. Seriously. Thank you Kaerrah! So nice to finally have everyone at the same volume. : )
Love the picture, Eveline. Legendary mp3
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The only bad thing I've noticed with this is that the sound quality kind of takes a dive. This is only my experience, however.
Well it would, you're basically amping everyone up and then cutting off any sounds that spike over the volume threshold.

If you want normalization between the loud and the quiet people without sound loss, you need to adjust their individual volume settings and that won't adjust for when Sound gets frustrated and yells at her monitor.
I yell at Damo, not my monitor, silly. :p

It did seem to make all of 'em except Kretol sound a bit different and deeper, I noticed, however I wasn't sure if that was this silly computer reacting to the changes made or actually vent doing it (which has proven to somewhat hate me thus far on here). It wasn't a bad price to pay to actually be able to hear everyone though.
Tetsumis Wrote:Love the picture, Eveline. Legendary mp3.
Thank you kindly, I'm proud of how it came out! It was very amusing to use Adobe Illustrator for the purpose of creating a LOLCAT.

...I feel some pity for that kid... *shakes head*
Bumping this post. I finally found it
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Efluv asked me a question about this the other day that I'm actually curious about.. once you've "normalized" vent, but need to undo it for whatever reason, how do you get rid of the settings easily? There doesn't seem to be a reset back to normal button.. and the best way I was able to do it was uninstall, delete left over files and reinstall.. = somewhat of a pain.

Wait! Would just removing compressor from the "current" side do it?
Sound Wrote:Wait! Would just removing compressor from the "current" side do it?

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