Random Enhancement discussion
So... for you other enhancement shaman out there, I'd like to hear what you tend to focus on as enhancement for this first part:

Do you strictly attempt to put out as much damage as possible before you inevitably die? (Heh)
Do you only focus on doing DPS and let the healer(s) and other classes worry about doing their jobs?
Do you keep an eye out on your group members to throw in a heal when someone gets below a certain point of health?
Do you focus more on the safety of any group members over chugging out DPS?
How often do you make use of your utility over just the standard DPS?

And this next part is for all shaman (and other folks if they wish to participate).
What do you all believe the role of an enhancement shaman is in general? My main focus is hearing about grouping over raiding, for now.
Having never grouped with my shaman, I don't know about shamans- but I have some insight on that as a feral.

When I'm not tanking, I tend to cycle my high damage attacks with my threat reducer. But I try to keep an eye on my party frame and will gladly pop form to lay some hots on someone hurting if the healer is busy healing someone else. And if I can do this at the added cost of shifting back into my form, I don't understand why a shaman wouldn't when they only lose the mana of the heals they lay down.

On a side note, I always get a thrill when I manage to shift out of bear, pop an innervate on the healer, and get back into bear all inbetween the boss' attacks.

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