Cataclysm and roleplayed conflict
rincewindy Wrote:I agree that "bad premonitions" should definitely not be used. From what I've seen of beta cata vids, NO ONE was aware of the emergence of Deathwing. Think of Cataclysm as 2012. Obviously cata is more definite, but the people in the world don't know that. In one of the moots, Mula made a reference to a premonition made long ago, and she did it with much skepticism.
To be fair there have been pre-cata happenings in Azeroth and (not to spoil too much for those that prefer to not know) there are NPC's talking about knowing. The most vocal ones are on the odd side, but it's enough to create a doubt in the general population, especially those that would spend the most time with nature (druids and shammies)

Edit: Speaking of the world being in danger, not specifically that it's Deathwing behind it.

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