New Second Kara Raid Again
There may be some demand for a second Kara raid. This post is to gauge serious interest. To get started we would raid on Tues. at 600p Server time. At first, we would just work on Attunman and Moroes (maybe Maiden).

If you are interested, please post Character name, Class, Spec, Key Status, and I will build a list here.

This is mainly to see if we can put a second raid together that has the proper balance. Basically, we need 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps.

I know some of this information is available elsewhere, but humor me.

Current List:
Sbin, Druid, Feral, Keyed
Filiminjaru, Hunter, Marksman, Keyed

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Eonah, healy priest (Discipline/holy) would be game to go. Keyed.

I'd suggest trying it with two healers sometimes to try for more dps. killin' faster. had a friend mention to me that it seemed to work very well that way for him.
Simra hunter
Mahiah resto drood

both keyed.
Don't mess with the trees!

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Khrale, Elemental shaman, keyed.
More than willing to respec resto if needed.
Tabraus, Holy, keyed
Willing to heal it up.
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Will be willing to respec healing (ugh) or feral if needed.

Krell-Spec varies depending on color of sky
Could bring him along if needed. Really wants a drop from that pesky Ilhoof, but that may be a ways off.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

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I know you already got Filiminjaru on there. I will definitely come with my Holy Paladin Coranthir WHEN he's keyed. Currently, his gear is kind of subpar for Khara, he still has a lot of greens. But, Filiminjaru has really good gear already besides mainly his ranged weapon.
Mindial Enhancement Shaman.
Mindiall Frosty mage

Both keyed but dosnt really need Much. but if you need warm bodies I have one of thos. and a cold one too.'

after thinking about it I wont be respecing. so i'll be DPS only.and with a ele shammy and a Boomkin You cant go wring with stormstrike ^.^

But i do want to be clear I'd only be there to fill a spot. If there are other who want to go I'd gladly step down.
Appears healing is covered, so I'd not object to bringing Vilyave or Aeorie sometime... probably Aeo, as you already have an elemental shaman. Neither are keyed though.
Motoki, MM hunter.

All keyed up and ready to go.
Depends when you're going, but Psion would like to join, assuming I'm not taking the slot from someone who could really benefit.

Priest, Shadow, Keyed

Sounds like you have healing covered but if not, I have some decent healing gear and wouldn't object to being a healer.
Krell Wrote:Krell-Spec varies depending on color of sky
With Hunters, does it really matter outside of style, these days?
As a tank, I definitely notice the Survival hunters. The trap talents are a huge help Smile

I'd join up for this with Dromand, but I can't make Tuesdays Sad

I'm looking at starting the Learning Raid for Thursdays, possibly next week. So I'll be keeping an eye out here to see if there's still a need.
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I'm sorry, while it's generally an unspoken rule we do not schedule Ironsong events other than the Moot for Thursday nights. Folks are welcome to come or not to the Moot itself but we never schedule anything in competition with it for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
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I don't think I missed anybody. 13 people have expressed interest. Looks like tanking is only spot where we are a little thin (but if Eatmore is willing to come, Shantow to respec to Feral, or one of the paladins want to tank that will be solved).

As long as Khrale has some points in resto, we should be ok for spot healing.

My intent was to keep this particular raid open for alts and new folks. Thus, I have to figure out a way to do invites. I might just randomly select for Tuesday night, guaranteeing you a spot for next week if not selected for this week. I would post the raid line up in advance so you would know. I just want to do this in fairest way possible while maintaining raid balance.

Before I do this, does this look like the lineup we want to go with? I need to get it straight from Fili whether he wants to bring Coranthir or Fili. I think he wants to bring Fili. It appears to me that Psion and Mindial only want to come if there is an open spot (Is that correct?), so I might not include them at first.

Otherwise, we will give this a shot Tuesday 10/23 at 600p Server.


Sbin (Feral Druid)
Eatmore (Feral Druid)


Eonah (Priest)
Tabraus (Pally)
Coranthir (Pally)
Khrale (Shaman)

Simra (Hunter)
Filiminjaru (Hunter)
Motoki (Hunter)
Aeorie (Mage)
Vythika (Warlock)
Psion (Mana Battery etc...)
Mindial/Mindiall (Shaman/Mage)

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

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