Priest Raid Class Spec Lead (Holy/Disc) Discussion
Naruth Wrote:Of the rare quality gems, [item]Royal Nightseye[/item] is sometimes called “the best” gem for healing priests, because it gives a bonus to healing with a little boost to your mp5, which is good padding for those fights when you cannot be out of the 5 second rule.

I thought I might add a further reason why [item]Royal Nightseye[/item] is the "best" gem for healing priests. Not that mp5 is better than spirit, but this particular gem benefits extraordinarily from rounding error. Because it is a dual-color, each of its stats gets cut in half from the single-color gems of the same type. So In this case, Royal Nightseye is half a [item]Teardrop Living Ruby[/item] and half a [item]Lustrous Star of Elune[/item].

That's +9 healing, obviously, but +1.5 mp5. This gets rounded up to +2 mp5, giving you a "free" 0.5 mp5. Alright so this is min/maxing, but if you're going to invest in a rare-cut gem, you should min/max. mp5 is very highly valued in itemization points compared to stats like spirit (compare 3mp5 from Lustrous to 8 spirit from Sparkling) so you just get more out of a [item]Royal Nightseye[/item] than any other gem that could fit the same slot.
Thank you - I've heard this but have never seen someone explain it so simply. Shall edit that in when I finish up the gems post!
Eruadan Wrote:P.S. YES! Lightwell is Usefull....that is all.

I had a long, detailed post full of opinions and advice, but then the forums went down and I lost it. Sooo here's everything in compressed form!

Improved Inner Fire ain't worth it. It only mitigates another 5% physical damage, which for the same talent points you could just increase the amount of healing you do by a lot more (for a healer while soloing, putting up a Renew that's 15% more effective is better than taking 5% less damage).
Improved PW:S ain't worth it. It only mitigates another ~300 damage on a max rank shield. Martyrdom pretty much replaces PW:S as your invulnerability to pushback, so those talent points are best spent elsewhere.
Spell Warding is a PvP talent. In PvE the 10% mitigation is far too situational to be worth 5 talent points. In the arena you're guaranteed to see its benefit, but while soloing you can always heal through spell damage and while raiding if you're taking damage you're either dying or its just a part of the fight.
Lightwell...well I'm not gonna convince anyone in this forum about that one. Naruth you're crazy. Smile

Basically, you've got the good soloing talents in've just got a lot of other stuff that isn't really helping your soloing, but is taking away from your raid healing. So if you want a truly hybrid spec, you should cut out the stuff that doesn't do you as much good.
Elyana Wrote:Lightwell...well I'm not gonna convince anyone in this forum about that one. Naruth you're crazy. Smile
Love you too, dear. Big Grin

As to a healing build with good soloability, I agree completely with Elyana regarding the viablity and usefulness of the talents in question. The gain is minimal at the very best and you're giving up so much. I cannot ever recommend a raid healing build without improved Renew or Improved Healing. I would go with this under most circumstances, or perhaps this variation, with spirit tap, if you're doing a -lot- of soloing.

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