Please change the Colour
Please change the colour!
The grey text on the black background is really tough on they eyes to read.

Thank you.
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Under your User Control Panel, go to Board Preferences, and then click the drop down menu labeled "My board style" and change it to Prosilver. I've never liked the black WoW styles... sooo freaking hard to read... so this is always the first thing I do when we have a settings reset. Wink It looks really odd with the black section at the top, but at least the rest of the site is readable.
I never knew that there was a way to change the forums' color/style, thanks Naruth. I'm going on record as being pro-gray text but it's good to know there are options. Wink
Yar, some boards have literally dozens of different styles you can use; it's quite fun.

Aside from the lighter colors looking cleaner, I think the reason I prefer them over the black is because I access the site from so many different computers (four regularly, and more if I'm in school that semester), and some of the monitors are just really, really dark, even when I mess with their settings. I've good vision, and I still have to highlight the text to read it.

Silly monitors.

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