De Elemental Equation -or- How I Rode De Lightning
<Hitches a callused, two-toed, blue, sandled foot up on a fresh, smoking, blackened corpse that looks vaguely humanoid> Hey dere! I be Khrale, an iff'n you be here, den you likely be wantin' ta know a little somet'in' 'bout de way o' de lightnin'.

<Khrale eyes you up and down, slowly, one slightly singed eyebrow rising in consideration> Dis not be an easy road, but de road less travelled an' all dat...

So you be wantin' ta dazzle folks wit your crazy ability ta kill t'ings deader den dead? Want ta cook a full-grown clefthoof 'fore it knows it bein' cooked? Want ta be pullin' de attention o' de meanest monsters off de most capable shield-bearers or smelly furbags so dey can be smackin' you down 'fore you be knowin' it? Wait. Ehn. Be forgettin' dat last part.

<Clears his throat loudly and then slaps his knee> Well den! You be in de right place!


Yes, this is the discussion thread for the Elemental Shaman. I am Khrale, and my shaman has been elemental specced since about level 69 when i was still working my way through Shadowmoon Valley. Before that, Khrale had always been enhancement -- I simply got bored with it and decided to give the elemental tree a shot. This was just before you started seeing and/or hearing about elemental shaman popping up all over the place. There's not a lot of us around, still, but the numbers are growing. Hopefully this thread will give you some good information to work with.

Much like Logros' enhancement thread, this too will be organized into sections:

1. Talents
2. Weapon choices
3. Armor choices
4. Totem choices
5. Profession Choices
6. Enchants + Gem Choices
7. Attack Rotations
8. 5-Man Play
9. Raiding
10. Mods
11. Tips
12. Links

An Elemental Shaman, when played well, and geared decently, can put out some amazing dps when compared to other classes of a similar level (gear & playwise). We are also a good backup and spot healer when needed. As a hybrid class, the Elemental, when played well, will make folks love having you along.
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Coming Soonish
Coming Soonish
Coming Soonish
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