Fires in the night
It had been several weeks since the attack. ((See elemental invasion post.)) Rincewindy'€™s world had been turned upside-down. He'€™d lost his voice. He'd lost control of his magic. And now he felt as if he were losing his friends in the tribe.

He pulled out the black notebook that had become his lifeline to the world. It looked as if it had many better days. The crumpled pages greeted him with a dark angry scratches of disorganized notes and phrases. He turned the pages absently. He paused at his most recent notes. His glowing amber eyes stopped on the words "€˜Nelfarion - Deathwing" and "€˜Earthen Ring"€™ and further down "€˜Old Gods?"€™ He looked up at the ceiling of the guild hall. There were the recent attacks on the Ruby Sanctum. There were cultists everywhere. They had managed to infiltrate Orgrimmar. He went to run his hands through his hair, and stopped himself, remembering that it had been burned away. His bony fingers curled into fists and came down on the crumpled pages. The pages erupted into flames. He silently cursed. He shut the book quickly. His hands were on fire. The book crumpled to ashes in his fingers. He could feel the power building. He bolted out of the guild hall, feeling the weight of everyone’s attention on him.

He ran out into the evening air, a cool wind greeting him. The fire had enveloped him. He felt the panic building in him. He began to scream soundlessly. Fire poured out through his mouth. He clamped his hands over his mouth, trying to stop the flames. He closed his eyes tightly. Several moments passed. His eyes opened. The fire that had enveloped him dissipated as quickly as it had started. He looked around.

His eyes spotted several bright spots down the hill. He squinted - it looked like torches. And humanoids. A lot of them. And he had just lit up the twilight sky like a winter veil firecracker.
Mula opened her eyes slowly, what was that smell? Smelled like something was burning. It had been a long day, and she was really hoping that the stove wasn't on fire, again. She got up from the couch and walked into the main hall. What she saw, erased any drowsiness she felt. Rincewindy was running out of the hall, and it appeared he was on fire.

She hurried after him. "Rince!" He appeared not to notice. She stopped short at the entrance to the guild hall. His whole body was covered in flames, and had fallen to his knees. There was a flash of bright fire, and she instinctively shielded her eyes. When she lowered her arm, she saw that the flames had died out.

She started to walk towards her friend. "Rince?" she said quietly. She noticed that he was peering down the hill, intently. Instantly, her weapons, Shadow's Edge and Cryptmaker were in her hands. She walked forward and saw the torches. She saw the uniform garb illuminated in the torchlight that the humanoids were wearing. She recognized it very well, for she had worn it within the past few weeks while trying to gather information. Cultists.

She looked past the mob and saw the wagon full of the devices that had been causing such a disturbance over the past few weeks. What on earth were they doing here?

"Greetings, travelers!" she called. "You are a long way from the city! What brings you here?"

"Dis is de residents of de Ironsong tribe, is it not?" A troll female called back.

"Yes! Do you seek lodging for the night?"

"We be seekin' de Ironsong Tribe ta answer for dere actions against us! We've been informed dat joo have been destroyin' our property!"

"By whom? And what property?"

"Never ja mind who be tellin' us. All ja need ta be knowin' is dat dey are not traitors to our cause. Jah! Traitors! Joo all promised dat joo would be helpin' us. Not stabbin' us in da back!"

There was a roar of approval from the crowd.

Mula muttered, "Maybe not so much stabbing in the back, as smashin' in the face right now." She called over her shoulder, "Guys! We've got visitors!
Lucinther was sitting at his usual spot when he noticed the bright flash of light and saw Mula heading out the door. He moved quickly over to the door, catching part of the cultist's conversation. He smirked to himself. He listened to their accusations and had decided that the only way this was going to end was with blood shed.

He watched Mula reach for her hammer, as she called out to the tribe, and he placed a hand over hers to stop her. He looked at the cultists standing in front of the guild hall and stepped in front of them.

"Whoever informed you was only partially right. It isn't the Ironsong Tribe who has been turning against you and stabbing you in the back," he smirked, " but the person that has, is in the Tribe. You're looking at him."

The troll standing in front took a step back. " Then ja be needin' ta come wit' us.... ta pay for jah crimes against da people!" IT was clear she was expecting a fight.

Lucinther glanced to the crowd of cultists, back to the guild hall, and at Mula, whom he smirked at briefly. "Fair enough. Lead the way."

The cultists bound his hands and lead him down the hill away from the guild hall, disappearing back into the night.
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From an upper story window, a grizzled Tauren with a tired and haggard look opens and leans out the opening, levelling a large, intricately carved glowing staff at the approaching visitors. He watches the majority take Lucinther into willing captivity without making a comment, but then speaks to the few who remained behind in a deep, resonating voice.

"I can kill every single one of you before you get inside the front door. Take your prisoner and go."

As they began to react, with either anger or with fear, the black, broken horned Tauren speaks again.

"Do not return here. Your kind of chaos serves no purpose and is not welcome."

Waiting for only a moment, the ground explodes in front of one cultist, a bolt of arcane energy coming within millimeters of removing the cultist's legs.

The troll turned towards her companions and yelled, "Hold ja ground!" She turned to the Tauren in the window. "We will go when da otha ones come foath!" She put her fingers between her lips and whistled, shrilly. "Dere bein' moar den dis one." She jerked her head at Lucinther. "Dat cow and dat one, both be needin' ta answer. An' dere are others hidin' in dere as well! Come foath and surrenda like that one, and dere won' be anymoar trouble! Don' surrenda, an' ja will feel our wrath!"

Behind her, several cultists began unloading the cart of devices. As each one was set, they began to spin. Moments later, each one generated their own portal.

Rincewindy stared at all the portals opening up. He couldn't let this happen...again. But he couldn't get himself to move. It felt as if his legs had given out on him. He was shivering uncontrollably. He watched in horror as the fire elementals began to emerge through the portals.
The elderly Tauren grumbles slightly as the cultists build, his skin slowly turning to jagged bark under his great horns. Finally, he turns into the window and bellows.

"Ironsong, we are under attack!"

Turning back, he begins channeling from the emerald dream to summon a great rainstorm, building a great storm cloud over the assembled cultists, the sky darkening with the elements.

As the first fire elementals appear, he gestures to begin the onslaught of rain, lightning, and sheets of hail, drumming down upon the spawned fire and cultists, and adding a rhythm to the guild hall roof, the noise increasing with every second and the ground quickly flooding.
Anca dozed up in the rafters of the Great Hall, tucked under Skrap's main workbench, huddled up with two cats and a worg pup. She dreamed of a grand pirate adventure, the ship rocking on high seas each time the real building shook from the ground tremors.

But still, she was a hunter. Her deepest sleep passing to instant wakefulness at the sound of an alarm: that of a great Tauren sounding the call to arms.

The tiny animals scattered to the safe places as the little girl tumbled to her feet, pulling her bow from its notch on the support post. With steps swift and light, she leaped from beam to beam and vaulted across the great brazier suspended over the main chamber. Without slowing, she put her shoulder into the hinged panel Rinu and Skrap had built into the underside of the roof, and was instantly outside, leaving no trace of passage behind.

The roof, cleverly designed with a covering of rocks, brush, and branches, let her blend in as she slipped into her sniper's post, already with 3 special arrows nocked. She sighted in on those closest that she couldn't recognize.
The cultists scattered under the rain and hail. Some, fell as the large chunks of ice hit them. The fire elementals advanced, those that were underneath the thunderstorm weakened and dissipated.

More elementals poured out of the devices. Mula went over to where the mage was paralyzed with fear and put her hand on his shoulder. "Get in the hall, Rince. We've got this."

She crouched down, readying for the attack.

Down the hill, there were yells of "Attack!"

Mula ducked instinctively as several shadow bolts flew past her aimed at Mirounga. The fire elementals began to advance up the hill. Mula looked over her shoulder, and saw that Rince was still cowering in fear. "Rince, get back in the hall!" She went over and pulled back into the guild hall. She came out drawing both her weapons and calling out her trademark battle cry.
Zaevian was riding down the road to the guild hall when he noticed a giant fire in front of the hall, he spurred his deathcharger on to see what was going on....

As he got closer he noticed a group of those cultist that have been hanging around orgrimmar and in the middle of them he could see Lucinther. "What in the nether is going on here?" He then sees fire elementals coming through rifts towards the guild hall and a storm form above their heads. He laughs loudly and pulls his sword out. "Looks like it's time for some fun!"

He rides into the fray and leaps off of his deathcharger near Lucin sending a few cultists flying with shadow and ice magic then swings around to slice through a fire elemental then grins and turns to Lucin. "Heya corpse! Who are your friends and why wasn't I told about this party?"
Lucinther looked up and smirked at Zaevian. " Shut up and cut the ropes, will ya?" Lucinther was starting to get that maniacal look in his eyes again.
As zaevian worked to cut the ropes that they had bound the rogue with, Lucin gave him a quick rundown of everything that had happened.
Zaevian smirked, " That's what you get for trying to be noble. Where are your weapons?"

"Eh, The took them. They're up the hill, probably with the cultist that seemed to be in charge." He cracked his knuckles, a little more dramatically than needed, so that he could show Zaevian the large metallic spikes on the gauntlets. " Don't need 'em yet, though. Lets cut a path right through them back to the hall." Lucinther smirked and cackled as he ran off, taking down anyone who came close with short and precise blows.
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Zaevian laughs as he slices down cultists left and right like stalks of wheat. "So this is all over those few portal devices we blew up? They obviously don't know who they are dealing with." He grins wickedly at Lucin as they aproach the main body attacking the guild hall. "Now watch this corpse...." His eyes glow brightly with the magic coursing through his body and lets out a fierce roar. "Come on you half-wit slaves of a mindless ogre! See what happens when you mess with the Ironsong Tribe! Come and face your DEATH!" With that last word he unleashes a wave of dark magic that causes many of the cultists around his to drop to the ground with their bodies decaying before their eyes.

"Oh and by the way thanks for the reinforcments..." He smirks and waves his hand forward and laughs as all the corpses of the cultists he and Lucin just killed rise and come to join the battle. Then he glances over at Lucinther and smirks. "Your turn corpse..."
Tursiops turned momentarily from his hurricane to see the young troll Mirounga get hit by a bolt of ice. Seeing that the young troll was not in danger, the old Tauren turned back to the defense at hand.

As he continued his weather assault, he began adjusting to the Ironsong guildies pouring out of the guild hall, targeting the cultists and elementals nearest to the guild hall door and peeling off the injured cultists with carefully placed bolts from the moon and sun. With the careful aim of a highly trained druid, he moved the storm back and forth, avoiding his allies and slowing the opponents as required.

"This is our house.", he growled to nobody in particular.
Zlinka woke to the sound of shouting and crackling fire outside her quarters in the guild hall. Arming herself, she crept to the door that led to the guild hall and felt it with the palm of her hand. It was hot. Glancing at the little beds where her children slept, she bolted and barred the door from the inside with a heavy timber. Then she crept to the window and slid out into the chill night air, closing the shutter behind her and giving it a practiced thump with the palm of her hand, causing the latch to fall on the inside. Now she was locked out, and her children were safe inside.

Zlinka crept away through the grass, walking on the outside of her feet, calmly, quietly, making no more noise than a passing breeze. She crept in a great half-circle, staying fifty yards from the guild hall, until she was opposite the front door.

A dozen devices, all gleaming glass and metal, spun unsupported in front of the guild hall, opening a dozen portals. Fire elementals streamed through the portals and converged on the front door to the guild hall, crackling and spitting. Magical druid rain made the elementals sputter and smoke, and arrows hissed down on them at an odd angle -- from someone on the roof? Elementals sank smoldering to the ground under Ironsong's defense but more kept pouring through the portals.

Zlinka crept forwards towards the cart until she judged she was within range. She slid a throwing knife from her belt, held it by the tip, and sent it spinning towards one of the whirling devices. The glass shattered; white smoke billowed out. The portal it had held open closed like the mouth of a drawstring bag, cutting an emerging elemental in half. The halved fire elemental fizzled on the ground, spinning and shrieking like a New Year's firework. Zlinka watched it in disgust. With a final scream like hot steam escaping from a burning log, the fire elemental went dark and silent.

Zlinka took aim at the next device. But one cultist, alerted by the dying elemental's last scream, had turned around and was scanning the grass behind the cart.

Zlinka threw her knife. The second device shattered in a puff of white smoke.

There! The cultist had seen her. For one moment, they looked into each other's eyes.

Zlinka smiled.
Lucinther smirked at Zaevian, "So that's how its gonna be, huh? Alright then... watch this..."

Lucinther stopped his charge and waited for the cultists to surround him. His smirk grew wider as he pulled several small throwing knives from his belt. He spun around in a complete circle throwing the knives in every possible direction. In less than a second, the cultists, that had gathered around him, fell in a neat circle. He didn't stop there, though, as he completed his spin, he immediately spun in another circle, this time taking out the cultists that were advancing from further behind their friends. Finally, he spun a third circle, taking out the wave of reinforcements even further back, this time throwing the knives so that two of them passed to either side of Zaevian's face, just barely missing him. He straightened and grinned at Zaevian as he jestured to the now open walkway, paved with cultist bodies, "After you."
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Lailya had been in the back of the guild hall, carefully tending the bushes of night-blooming jasmine in the kitchen herb garden while her voidwalker obediently held a torch aloft, when she heard the sounds of combat and smelled the ozone she associated with opening portals. In an instant she was on her feet and running, Krakgak silently following, swearing in Thalassian and Goblin as she rounded the side of the hall and skidded to a stop at the sight before her, unnoticed by the forces too focused on the defenders directly ahead of them.

Cultists. Twilight's Hammer cultists. Attacking the hall.

Attacking her tribe.

Something within Lailya snapped.

Her eyes flashed sickly green as fel magic surrounded her like a cloak. She raised her hands and snarled in Eredun, a strange reverb accompanying the words as she spoke. Green fire spilled from her hands to pool around her and suddenly Krakgak was no longer alone in his mistress's shadow. Sneering Pizpit, drooling Shaathun, grim Flaadhun, even sultry Vilyla - all stood poised behind the blood elf, ready for orders.

The physical and mental toll of keeping five demons bound to this plane would likely keep her out of commission for a week or more, but Lailya was too enraged to care. These Sun-damned cultists needed to die.

She bared her teeth in a feral grin as shadows began forming in her upturned palms. "Achor she-ki!"

Eat your fill.

Five demons shared their mistress's terrible smile. They surged past her, and the screaming began.
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