PLEASE READ: Testing the new chat channel protocols
Hi folks,

After some deliberation, we have decided to go ahead with a TRIAL RUN of the new chat channel protocols. Here's how it will look:

Guildchat will be out-of-character. Players are invited to use guildchat specifically for game-related topics, such as help with quests, discussing storylines, etc.

The global channel Ironsong will be our RP channel. This channel will be strictly in-character. For now it is not password protected. Let's keep its use limited to in-guild individuals for now (including avoiding unguilded alts, just so we can keep better track of things for now). I encourage everyone to actively use and enjoy this channel.

IronsongOOC will continue to be our catch-all OOC channel for everything else. In this channel, you can tell us about your new puppy, grandma's youtube video, or that itchy rash that just won't clear up.

These changes are effective immediately. Spread the word. They last for three weeks, after which time we will re-evaluate and see what everybody thinks.

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I think this is great but am wondering if/when out of guild people will be welcome to rp in the channel? I'm itching to come play with Aliss. Smile
*pokes the thread*
Hi Alis! I believe the consensus that we arrived at the other day is we are ok with others joining the channel but weren't really going to advertise it right away. I think you're safe. Smile If anyone says anything, tell them you are Noodle-approved®.
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