Categroy Specialists Idea.
I had a weird dream last night. In it, (partially) I dreamt that IST was recruiting on various game forums with a post that, more or less, read:

“Large, friendly guild recruiting for expert on Old Gods and Titans. We need to complete the whole set of lore monkeys. Please contact Lucinther on Silver Hand. RP events planned. ”

It had a weird dream-like recruiting framework of a guild desperately looking for a new “paladin raid tank”, but in an RP style. (I actually think the dream came from Alissandre being *really* excited about the Vash’yr naga lore and reading up on it on wow-wiki on a second machine while she played the zone and read all the quests with "squees" of lore-joy.) Anyway, while I cannot explain as easily why “Lucinther” and “Old Gods” always seem to go hand in hand, I woke up with a thought:

Why not?

So, I have a proposal for the guild and the tale singers to mull over: That we each sign up to be the lore expert in one topic of WoW. If we are missing an expert for a major category, we recruit to that goal, in aims of being an ever-better RP guild and server resource.

Then, anyone trying to build RP plot hooks, figure out character creation, write stories, or simply having a question about a quest can go to the expert. If not just a resource, a someone who will follow-up if they don’t know the answer. I also suspect that our specialist would want to get involved in an RP way and want to share that lore through the in-game RP channel(s).

Category Ideas:

PC races and connected races: (Blood Elves/Naga/Night Elves/Highborne, Forsaken/Valk’yr/Scourge, Orcs/Mag’har , trolls and …tons of trolls… OMG trolls, .Also alliance stuff….)

Classes (Specific Lore, though they might double as ‘play style leaders also’): Hunter, Druid, Mage, etc…

Major NPC groups: (Old Gods, Titans, Elementals, Faction Leaders,…

I think you get the idea, don’t want to over-talk it.


(If this flies, I have my own categories I would volunteer for, but don’t want to jump the gun….)
I was actually going to do a Priest guide for those that wanted to RP one...

The idea itself is interesting enough for those that volunteer as "specialists", however, a lot of the information on the internet is speculative (which would be the most common resource for those without actual novels/Live RP Guide books), and even with that, pretty much each player would virtually need to have the knowledge of World of Warcraft lore in order to related the specifics of their chosen topic.

Regardless, for those that do enjoy that aspect of the game enough to commit that kind of time to advise others on such things would certainly be an asset to the guild. Especially if they are already members of Ironsong. I have always enjoyed discussions on game lore, vocations, spirtuality (or religions) and occasionally politics personally, and it would be a nice change to fill wherever OOC chat is with game related topics a long with other social real life banter.

The one thing I would be hesitant to accept, is recruiting players based on their particular area of "expertise". It is true they may be knowledgable, but its possible that their personality may conflict with others, or their interpretation of the lore may not be open for discussion (or debate) in their eyes and cause other kinds of discord among the guild. Also, it is very time consuming for some to keep up with current developements (or ret-cons I think the term is) and may be a bit of a pressure on them if it is expected of them to be a focal point for others questions/concerns. So it would have to remain on a volunteer basis and not an established responsibility.

Just some initial thoughts.
Mirounga Wrote:looking for a new “paladin raid tank”

Because we simply *must* replace our current scrub paladin tanks!
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Nice thoughts, Eruadan.

I would hope that /gu became a wonderful place to discuss the lore and where the different tales intersect between the "expert" topic and the general or different knowledge base. For example, an orc specialist would need pretty decent Draenei and Tauren knowledge, but would love to chat about the details!

We could even add that to our "recruitment/volunteer" form, saying that we are fostering an open knowledge of the various facets of the lore-based arguments (Trolls as NElf ancestors or not?) would be preferred for guild enjoyment over dogma. (Save that juicy dogma for the roleplay!).

I agree 100% that getting some more fun lore discussions going would improve /gu a large amount. I think it would greatly enhance the OOC social side, as well as making it feel much more like a lore/RP guild. Especially since a question from one lore specialist to another over /gu could spark great discussion. (Or, perhaps the talesingers could 'seed' some lore discussions for the day, or spur of the moment)

("Orc specialist: Hey, Blood Elf specialist, can you tell me what Lorthemar thinks about Naga? I'm confused by this questline" or "Today's guild message: Today we decide of Sylvannas is sane, insane, or just really needs a good hobby")

Religions and politics: Those should totally be on the list as well!

Thanks again for the awesome thoughts!

Noodlemortis Wrote:
Mirounga Wrote:looking for a new “paladin raid tank”

Because we simply *must* replace our current scrub paladin tanks!

Though it would be ncie if he would start wearing an actual helmet, whether it messes his pretty hair up or not! *sigh*
I nominate Noodle for official Ironsong hair care advisor.
Also: YAY! I give my boyfriend nice dreams!....about....World of Warcraft.... *headdesk* *goes to eat a gallon of ice cream*

(Yeah, I really have nothing productive to contribute here besides "I like the idea.")
Noodlemortis Wrote:
Mirounga Wrote:looking for a new “paladin raid tank”

Because we simply *must* replace our current scrub paladin tanks!

We actually have separate slots for "Scrub Paladin Tank" and "Awesome Hair Tank," and you can't fill two positions.
Real reply:

I think these need to be modeled more after the class leads concept, where we might need someone to fill the "Old Gods Titans Lore Lead," which makes it more of a voluntary thing, rather than requiring members to be experts in something.
Alissandre Wrote:I nominate Noodle for official Ironsong hair care advisor.
Very well, I accept.
p.s. The secret is kodo shampoo

I'm not the biggest history buff, so I can't really advise on lore... though I do know that gnomes used to be robots and dwarves used to be rocks.

Alissandre Wrote:Also: YAY! I give my boyfriend nice dreams!
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