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Full Version: Expeditionary Raid 1/10/2010
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Have a few people that have been pushing to get started. We will do Throne of the Four Winds which won't conflict with Jaba's planned raid. I'm only planning on doing a 10 but if I have overwhelming response we may do 2 10s. Please send an in-game mail or reply to this post to express interest. I expect there will be more interest then spots so, they will be given based on raid needs followed by first come. There are already a few people on my list so check your game calendar.

Invites go out around 6:30pm server.
Dr. D,

I will almost certainly be around then so count me in if you need a dps or tank. And I'll research the fight tonight/tomorrow beforehand so I'll be prepared to BS my way through the fights.
I run Heroics at 6pm tomorrow. However a majority of the attendees I feel are geared appropriately and might enjoy the challenge. If necessary, though, I will move Heroic nights to Tuesday so we can benefit from both events.
I would love to come. And I will be available after 4pm server time.

I'll be sure to research strategy so I'll have at least some clue as to what to do. Smile



As a bit of advice for my IST friends for the new raiding content:

I recommend that every raiding member read up on the tactics online on the various strategy sites, and have minimum 342 average gear (appropriate, of course). All of the early raiding encounters are heroics gearchecks as well as heavy in having no person make any avoidable errors (Re: the *massive* change in healing tactics). There is no more training raid, like Naxx. They moved that design to the heroics.

Also, a variety of classes to fill each role, especially healers, makes a huge difference. For example, we struggled with three good trees due to the differences in healing spells, but had an easy time once a shaman (or priest, or paladin) were added to the mix.

Oh, and tanks/ hunters: I recommend having a spreadsheet or add-on to choose your class compesition / pet choices to maximize raid buffs/debuffs. "Common" tactics for bringing pets to to an unknown raid makeup is to have a wolf, cat, windserpent/dragonhawk, and raptor with you (or BM equivalent required buffs, like spirit beast or devilsaur). (5th slot empty for ninja tames, specific needs, or choice for style).

I find myself using the wind serpent a very large number of my raids, to add a caster/survival friendly debuff. (Also, 95% of the time, bloodlust is already covered by another class, as well as the tailspin/dust cloud debuff.)

I found a nice add-on that tells me all buffs/debuffs that the raid might have, as well as a few spreadsheets I posted on the hunter tactics forum. There are many available.

Have fun! Feels like a new expansion!
I should be able to come to wipe with you awhile.

A link to Tankspot's guide to Throne of Four of Winds (10-man)


With good traffic, I can probably be available at or shortly after 6:30 if you need more DPS. I've wiped in there a few times already, it's an interesting fight.


While my gear falls short of the 341 mark I will be available Ret or Holy if I can serve the needs if the tribe.

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I didn't want to create a new thread but Tankspot has a very good video on the Al'Akir encounter here.