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Full Version: Mouseover Macros for Healers
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Mouseover macros are a simple way to greatly increase the speed at which you cast your most common healing spells on different members of the raid. Note that there are mods like Healbot and Grid that essentially do the same thing. However I prefer macros because I prefer using a minimal amount of mods.

Simply create a macro by typing /macro or using the "Game Menu->Macros" button and hitting the "New" button on the bottom. Name your macro and find a suitable icon for it. ((Note: if you prefer to have the default icon for the ability the easiest way to do this is to select the first icon, the red question mark, from the list of icons and use the line #showtooltip at the top of your Macro Command entry as shown below))

After you have made your selection hit "Okay". This will bring your cursor to the position where you are ready to enter the macro commands.

Type in the following:

/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Spell Name(Rank x); Spell Name(Rank x)

For example if I was trying to make a macro for my Rejuvenation spell I would put in:

/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Rejuvenation(Rank 15); Rejuvenation(Rank 15)

An easy way to be sure that you get the proper spelling and rank of the spell is to open your "Spellbook and Abilities" menu and simply Shift-Left Click the ability when you want to enter the name into the macro.

And that's it. Drag the icon you selected onto your action bar and link it to a keystroke. Now, whenever you want to cast the spell on a friendly target all you need to do is hover your mouse over the character or onto their box in your target, party, or raid box on your interface and click the button. This makes it very easy once you have your raid boxes setup to show the whole raid to heal people without having to click on them to target them first. It just makes healing a little less clicky and faster which can mean a big difference in your raid healing and reaction time. Enjoy!