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Full Version: Il'gynoth
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Okay, we almost finished this fight last night, but both times we ended up with too many adds and few safe places to stand.  So I read up on some strategy specifics, and here's what I found.

* Positioning:  Keep the raid in just ONE quadrant of the room for each Phase One (the boss phase).  That way this quarter of the room gets filled with junk, but the other quadrants remain free.  For the next Phase One, shift over to stand in the next quadrant.  Start a bit to the left of the entrance to the room, then move clockwise around the room.  Tanks should stay one quadrant ahead of the raid.

* Two interrupters per organ:  Set a tank and two interrupters on each of the non-priority organs.

* Safe zones during the organ phase:  Set up a safe-zone raid marker in front of the targeted organ.  The raid stands on the raid marker, and the debuffed players will know how far to run to get their circles out of the group.

* Ranged kill blood adds:  For the blood adds, Wowhead suggests having ranged swap to them immediately.  By the time the second organ is down, ranged may need to be on the bloods almost the entire time.

During the last Phase Two (the organ phase) we may want an additional safe spot for ranged to stand to kill bloods, a bit closer to the middle of the room, so ranged can target the bloods sooner and have more time to kill them.

* Last Phase One spent in last quadrant, furthest from the organs.  Bloodlust here.  During the third and final Phase Three, move to the last clear quadrant, which is at the furthest point from all three organs. It is very hard to keep up with the adds in this phase, so this is a good place to use bloodlust.  Make sure to keep Dotting and cleaving the boss.  At some point, may want to call DPS off the adds and just nuke the boss.
Here's more info on strategy and heroic:

Tank positioning:  Tanks stay one quadrant ahead of the raid because the boss will target the tank with a big blue beam (Eye of N'Zoth) which does damage and applies a stacking debuff.  By staying to one side, the raid doesn't get hit by the beam.  Tanks should use a cooldown for the second beam, and taunt after the second one.  They should also stand a little apart so they don't get hit by the same beam.

Mind Control:  Random players will be Mind Controlled (Touch of the Corruptor) for 60 seconds.  While charmed, they chase down other players.  If they come into contact with others, those players will also become charmed.  The effect is removed by damaging the player to 30% health.

--> Spread out ahead of time, and CC the Mind Controlled players immediately. Then ranged should DPS the affected players to 30%.  Melee should not get close or they will get mind controlled too.