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Full Version: Moonkin Resources
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Since I was asked for some Boomkin help, I figured I'd post all of it up here for everyone to see (but mainly for the links, which I couldn't pass along in WoW chat anyway):

First up, the basic guides on either MMO-Champions or the WoW Forum are pretty solid for understanding the basics.

MMO-Champions version
WoW Forum version

Both are written by Cyous, who is generally regarded as pretty good at being a druid. Also at writing guides. They'll describe the majority of what to do, when, and why. I'll reiterate a bit here, though.

Talents: Pick your favorites, for the most part.
  • Level 60 - don't use Force of Nature, it's weaker than the others except on exceptionally movement heavy fights. Even then, not great.
  • Level 100 - don't use Stellar Flare. It's a pain to use in the first place, and is also pretty lack-luster at the moment (even used perfectly, it tends to do worse than the other two which are much easier to use anyway). There's a decent chance it'll be good in later raid tiers as it'll scale better than the other two, however.
Rotation (Priority list) -- eclipse is the peak area (when you have the Lunar/Solar peak buff), phase is when Moonfire/Sunfire swaps type:

  1. Keep Sunfire/Moonfire up. Not-Euphoria: Use Moonfire every Lunar Eclipse, and Sunfire on entry and exit from Solar-phase. Euphoria: Use Moonfire every other Lunar Eclipse, and Sunfire every Solar Eclipse (or whenever as long as you don't -- not having the lunar/solar peak buff is less than a 1% DPS loss -- keeping them up in general is more important).
  2. Starsurge or Starfall if you have at least 2 charges (reserve 1 charge for movement if possible, but never hold on to 2 charges, since you can get a Shooting Stars proc at any time bringing you to 3 and wasting recharge time).
  3. Starfire or Wrath depending on which phase will be up when the cast completes.
Major CDs: Use Celestial Alignment and Incarnation when you can (usually at the start with Pre-pot, and then on CD or held for Bloodlust if it'll be coming soon). Occasionally I'll hold them for specific moments (e.g. I started using 1 per grasping hands phase on Kromog so I always had 1 up to help there).

Add-ons: Some sort of Eclipse tracker with Starsurge/Starfall charges is very helpful. I'm using Weak-Auras 2 and Cyous Eclipse bars set up for it (actually, I was apparently using an older version -- I just updated to the latest today and will try it out). As a side note, Weak Auras 2 (or Power Auras) can be very powerful for setting up a variety of UI effects that can help just about everyone. Always miss when you have some debuff from a boss? You can set up an aura to alert you. Always forget to hit one of your CDs? Have it pop up an aura to let you know it's ready. Have some buff or debuff you need to keep up but don't want to hit too often? You can set up an aura to track it. Power Auras, from what I remember, was easier to do setup in, but Weak Auras 2 appears to be more versatile and have more configuration options.