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Full Version: Guild Bank Changes in Warlords of Draenor
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Hello Tribe,

We are changing the organization of the guild bank and its deposit policies in order to make the bank more useful to our members and to reduce clutter in the new expansion.

With the "Stay Classy" achievement, the guild now has eight bank tabs. In Warlords, these tabs will be:

Tab 1: Officer tab
Tab 2: Deposit
Tab 3: WoD Armory (for gear)
Tab 4: WoD Enhancements (enchants, leather patches, belt buckles, etc.)
Tab 5: WoD Crafting Materials (leather, ore, cloth, herbs, uncut gems, inks, etc.)
Tab 6: WoD Consumables (food and potions)
Tab 7: Pets & Cosmetic (battle pets, toys that don't go in the toy box, appearance-altering items, vanity stuff, unusual BoEs for transmog etc.)
Tab 8: Old World Items

The Deposit tab will be the only tab that accepts deposits. It will function as a holding area for new donations. Tabs 3-8 will be withdraw-only. Evaluating, triaging, and moving items from the Deposit tab to the other tabs will be the responsibility of the officers.

The ultimate goal of this system is to have a well-organized bank that contains lots of useful items for our members.

These changes will go into effect before Thursday, so if there is something there you would use, please take it!