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Full Version: Ironsong Ranks Changes
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The officers have been discussing a re-working of our ranks for several years, and on 7/31/13 I implemented the changes that we'd agreed upon. Our goals are to increase our guild's security through authenticators, and to reflect the game as we play it now. Here are the changes:

Authenticators for all ranks above Grunt

Blizzard has been badly hacked in the past, and it is clear that even if an individual does everything right, and keeps their computer scrupulously clean, they and the guild are still at risk of being hacked due to weakness in Blizzard's security. For this reason, we are implementing a policy of authenticators for everyone above Grunt.

I split the Grunt rank into two ranks: Scout (authenticatored) and Grunt (non-authenticatored). Grunt will be our only non-authenticatored member rank. These ranks are equal in the eyes of the guild; they differ only in guild bank access. Scouts can withdraw up to 10 items per tab per day, while Grunts will be able to withdraw only 1 item per tab per day.

We have promoted all Grunts with authenticators to the rank of Scout. In two weeks, on August 14, 2013 I will change the rank of Grunt to 1 item per tab per day. This gives current Grunts a two-week window to withdraw what they need and get an authenticator before their bank access is reduced. After the change has been made, any Grunt who acquires an authenticator can simply contact an officer for a promotion to Scout. Grunts may also ask members with bank access to withdraw items from the bank for them.

The Advisor, Blooded, and Champion ranks now also require an authenticator. All members of these ranks without authenticators have been demoted to Grunt. As it turned out, most of our members already have authenticators, and those that did not were almost entirely inactive players. Any former Advisor or Blooded who returns to the game and acquires an authenticator is welcome to return to their former rank.

Redesign of our mid-level ranks

Farseer and Blademaster have been combined into a single rank, called Farseer.

These two ranks were originally supposed to provide color, but we weren't using it. These have therefore been combined into a single rank.

The Iron-singer and Raider ranks have been removed.

The Iron-singer and Raider ranks served the purpose of recognizing people with grass-roots leadership ability who organized and led either RP events or raids, respectively. We will handle emergent leaders differently, by recognizing reliable leaders of any type of activity (not just RP or raids, but also 5-mans, achievement runs, challenge modes, social gatherings, classic raids etc.) with a promotion to Advisor. The explicit division of these two ranks didn't represent the way we are playing the game now, and the ranks had become stagnant.

This will free up the middle ranks for more short-lived and creative uses!

If you have questions about the new ranking system, please ask!