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Full Version: *Wynterborn bows...*
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*and he bows deeply and formally*

It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am Wynterborn Frostbrew, Pandaren monk of the Huojin School.

I am the youngest in our family, and was raised in Wu-Song village on the Wandering Isle. Our ancestors hailed from the village of Zouchin in Pandaria, and we have a history of being excellent brewmasters there, until one of our ancestors joined Liu Lang on his adventures with Shen-Zin Su. I was fortunate that my oldest brother took over family duties of managing the brewing, as I felt the strong desire to follow the path of the monk. My older sister Wynterwynds decided to go on 'an adventure' after having encountered Tauren on the Wandering Isle, and I have followed along with her to help 'keep her in line' (at least, that is what Mother made me promise to do before we left – I know it is an almost impossible task!)

I tend to be rather formal – except when it concerns food or a good brew. I purchased an amazing mount from a Tauren in Orgrimar (Brewfest Kodo) – it actually has TWO kegs to hold my brew rather than the single keg that our traditional turtle mount does!

I have never been one to be fond of conflict or trouble, so the Code of Conduct is an admirable set of guidelines I will be happy to follow.


I rolled this character on this server specifically for Ironsong Tribe He was my first toon on this server, and I have rolled several more since then. My oldest toons are on other servers (Sentinels, Trollbane, Zangarmarsh, etc.) I am eclectic in my playing style, (fancy word for alt-itis and ADHD) so I am still active on many of them. (I also dragged my husband with me **grin**)

What am I looking for from Ironsong? A place to explore my creative side by role-playing with fellow creative people. I play both male and female characters and I enjoy 'discovering' their personalities. I was drawn here by some friends that I had RP'ed with on Sentinels before the RP guild there died away. They told me they'd found a good RP home, and I found they were right!

I have played Warcraft since 2006, with the occasional hiatus due to school/work/moving. I tend to play pretty much any time of the day or night when I have free time. I find WoW relaxing and entertaining, and enjoy the social aspect as well as the opportunity to unleash my inner storyteller. My characters want their stories to be told! Besides Wynterborn (male Pandaren monk) I have a female troll deathknight Jezkal in guild. When my husband decided he want to level a DK as well, I made a female goblin DK, Gimlette to run with his male troll DK (quite the odd pair of 'buddies.') The Pandarens are leveling together with our friends who brought us to Silver Hand.

I enjoy fully immersing myself in my characters. One of my greatest joys is to RP with someone and have them not realize they already know me as another character. As for RL – well, I'm in graduate school, working on my 2nd master's degree.