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Full Version: New Member Process (updated 10/21/11)
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Greetings to our prospective new members!

Here is our new member recruitment process:

1. The prospective new member can contact an officer or advisor in-game for an informal interview. Current inviting officers/advisors are Oryx, Zlinka, Sbin, Kretol, Shantow, Sreng, and Anca.

2. If you are deemed a good fit, the officer/advisor will invite you to the guild on a trial basis for one month.

3. During your trial period you must create an account on our website, sign the Code of Conduct, and submit an application on the forum with your character's name in the subject heading. During this month you are expected to interact with other players in an in-character way and group with members.

4. After a minimum of one month, the officers will decide if you are going to be promoted to full member (the rank of Grunt), have your trial period extended, or be removed from the guild. To be promoted you must have garnered positive comments from several of our members or officers. Simply staying off the radar is not enough. We only keep those who honor the Code of Conduct and are an asset to our guild.

5. If you have been promoted and would like to have access to the Members sections of the website, you may apply to the Members usergroup (from your User Control Panel). Please only request member access if you are a full member (a rank of Grunt or higher). Otherwise, your request will be denied.