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Full Version: Thoughts on improving your raid stats
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So I thought I would take a little time out of my evening to make a few comments on ways that people who are joining our raid can look to excel at their role. With our raid moving into the firelands, we are finding quite a jump in the level of co-ordination taken to conquer bosses and make progress. Here are some thoughts to help out.

1) Watch the videos. I can't stress enough how useful it is to know what your getting into before you do it. Every time Jaba has to explain a raid scenario we lose a good deal of time. Know your fights, especially for fights we have already conquered its best to know your role and fit in as smoothly as possible. Looking at fights we havn't done yet lets you be a contributor instead of a liability when it comes to conquering them. Do it, its in your best interest.

2) Molten front Blacksmithing. People, we have equipment out there now that is an improvement over our current weapons by leaps and bounds. But how many of us have taken advantage of this? We need blacksmiths to start hoarding orbs and gaining molten faction. These are upgrades for the entire raid but they take a lot of work and dedication to earn. I have orbs for Guns, I can make the new scopes for people with a few key materials. Great for one or two people, but blacksmiths are invaluable right now to increasing raid dps. Help them get orbs, help them run dailys for faction. I myself am sitting on the materials to make a new spell blade, I just need the smith with the orbs and recipe to do it.

3) Check it out, optimize your gear with its suggestions. I implore you to look and see if it makes a difference. I know it has for me, I know it has for a few others who are getting more out of their gear than they ever did mixing and matching on their own. We have several good and generous gem crafters in the guild who can help you fill in those slots and our enchants are stockpiling mats just so we can keep on top of that demand as well.

4) Don't let the name fool you, this is a very well thought out class by class forum regarding how best to rotate your abilities, glyph yourself and hints and tricks for better use of abilities in several boss fights. I know I profited when I started using the destruction spell rotation from the guide I found there. I also picked up a mod that helps show me what I optimally can cast does WONDERS for my dps in raids and keeps me fairly near the top all the time.

5) Deadlyboss mods. Or its equivalent. This is simply a must have. It helps you know what to do in fights and when to expect bad things to happen. Have it, no excuses, this at least is a requirement for anyone who really wants to raid.

Please feel free to post other tidbits here. Lets get psyched up for success out there and taking down our first boss.

Craig - Damoxian's more civil counterpart.

Thanks for the wonderful post Damo. I have a few comments to make.

1. Videos-I am guilty of not watching them as I generally pick up things fairly quickly when explained. I will change this attitude and watch them. So, where is best link to view?

2. Blacksmithing-I had a wonderful guildmate craft Shantow the mace as soon as possible, and it is fantastic. I echo Damo's feelings that blacksmiths with these patterns and orbs are extremely valuable at this time.

3. Robot!- I started using this site a week or so ago and love it. Granted, you will need to revisit it every time you get a new piece of gear and possibly reforge the majority of your gear, but it really makes a difference. I am a Jewelcrafter with uncut gems, please send me your order.

4. Jerks!- Its been some time since I visited their site, and I will do that soon. Very solid information.

5. DBM- Have it, cant live without it.
I'd love to tell you there's one be all end all spot to look for videos, but really there isn't. I've watched several on Youtube. Tank spot has some nice ones but they tend to be from a 25 man perspective, at least gives you an idea of what it is your supposed to do.
I actually have found this site to be pretty good. No videos, but I like to have something to read anyway. will have links to videos and strategies.
Serenefire is an enchanter, I have all the enchants except great int to bracers and greater agility to bracers, otherwise I have bought ALL the patterns and I am happy to help people to get their stuff enchanted.

Sparklefrost just opened her second faction for molten front today, so by next week I will have the blacksmithing patterns. I have 11 orbs right now, which have already been claimed! If you want something made you need to let me know so I can gather more orbs and you need to start working on your other mats. is an amazing site! I think everyone should use it. It has helped me immensely along with a few others I know... please please look at it and do what it tells you. What can it hurt?! Try it out! See if it works for you too, if not, you can always go back.

One thing I would add is I think people need to start bringing food, higher level +90 food, not just relying on the feasts. That also means people should start either bringing flasks or contributing mats to the guild bank to have them made. I am guilty of bumming flasks too, but I also give a lot to the raiders and made sure I have all my other stuff.
I've got about a week more of dailies before I will be open to the vendors for buying the BS recipes. I've been saving Orbs as well. is a nifty site, I didn't know about it.

Also, I agree with Serene about food/flasks. I almost always buy my own. The only problem is food. Sometimes it's not on the AH and I'm stuck without. I didn't level Mel into cooking much this expansion because Torken was going to be my new main. I saw how many shaman we had and decided to bring some needed variety instead.