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Full Version: Healadin is Stumped
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OK... so throughout my 80 career I've been picking up gear for my Healadin offspec. No emblem items mind you, but almost everything is purple and all but one of the 2 blues remaining is iLevel 200. I even used a guide on how to build the spec that seems pretty optimal for a PvE build.

However, in spite of all this, when using my heal spec in appropriate gear, my results are as follows.

Intelligence: 996
Max Mana: 19K
Bonus healing: 1774
Crit chance: 27%
Haste: 422

-Actual healing output per cast-
Flash of Light: 2000
Crit: 3000
Holy Shock: 500 ((a few days ago in slightly inferior gear, this spell was healing a couple K o.0))
Crit: 800
Holy Light: 5000
Crit: 6500

Then there's my output in tanking gear and spec.

Bonus healing: 830

Flash of Light: 1700
Crit: 3300
((Interestingly enough, when I ran earlier tests on the same gear/spec I was getting higher figures on Flash of Light, around 3K and 6K crits. Weird.))
Holy Light: 7000
Crit: 13,000

So... in my tank gear and spec I'm getting far superior Holy Light heals (and before this last set of tests before switching back and forth between specs and gear, Flash of Light). Just what the deuce is going on? And shouldn't the average critical heal DOUBLE the average base heal?

Healadin needs halp!


Problem solved!

It was the... *cough* Dual spec spell rank switcharoo problem...
ugh, my shaman had the same problem. I felt like such a noob. The bad part is that it took me like 3 months to notice that all my healing spells were downranked by 2 ranks. x.x
Um.....crap. I didn't know about this problem. Have I been noobing it up on my tree every time I switch? Gah!
Same thing happened to me with my Shaman.

Sadly, it didn't seem to help my healing any. :lol:


Nganga Wrote:Um.....crap. I didn't know about this problem. Have I been noobing it up on my tree every time I switch? Gah!
The problem comes in when you purchase your dual spec, the rank you cast at are set to whatever they were at that time on your action bars. When you purchase a higher rank, it only updates what's on your toolbar for your active spec, leaving the other in the lurch until you manually change it. So, under the assumption that you at some point updated everything to top rank, you should be fine when you switch back and forth.

Though if you never did update things as you learned new spells, you may in fact be a n00blet as I was. Big Grin
Whew, ok. I did actually swap specs and check my spells, and they were all fine. I think I was already 80 when I got my second spec, so I wouldn't have encountered the issue. Thanks for clarifying how it occurs! :crazysmile:
Nganga healed me in the excruciatingly difficult heroic Utgarde Keep and I didn't die! Not even once!
It was really very difficult. Actually, grats to Noodle for surviving my first heroic heal attempt. It certainly helps to massively overgear an instance. :clap:

And no, this does not signify a trend. I still heartily believe you don't want me healing your heroic. :roll: