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Full Version: Ironsong Code of Conduct (required reading!)
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I've read these rules and agree with all.
Read and understood Smile
Good rules for a good guild. Read and understood.
Read and Understood =)
Understood and followed
Read thouroughly and understood completely.


Read, understood and agrees too.

Your words are wise, your way is my way.

((Read and Agree Completely to Abide by the CoC))
Swo'bu sir. -salute-
Read and understood.
I agree to these rules.


I agree to these codes.
I have read and fully agree to the 'TOS' of the guild Big Grin
Woof woof....woofwoofwoof....errr...I mean... "Yes, I read and I obey Mistress! Please don't whip me!"
Although I did agree to the laws of the Tribe in my introduction, I forgot to do it here as well.

I agree to follow and uphold the laws of the Tribe


I have read and understood! (I am new to Rping, this is my first MMO, and I am not totally sure about the times lines and such, I understand IC and OOC and can easily do that, but things like what battle took place when, what happened in WWC 3 I do not know. IS this a manditory thing..or is it ok as long as I am living in the now..and have basic knowledge about the history?)
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