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Full Version: Srengy's Tribe (Song)
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This song is dedicated to Bob "Gilligan" Denver. The one who made us laugh.

The Ballad of Srengy's Tribe
(To the tune of "Gilligan's Island")

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a mighty troll
who started out in Orgrammar
It's a big dust bowl

This troll was a mighty huntin' man
an archer brave and true
In time he thought "we need a tribe"
If only he knew...if only he knew

The charter started getting signed, now Srengy was the boss
He knew not how much time it would take,
yes time was the cost, time was the cost

The tribe's now the greatest in this world, we all call Silverhand
with Eveline
and Rawne too
and Kosath
With Merrina and Damoxian
Here in Ironsong's tribe!

Now this is the tale of our mighty tribe
we're here for a long long time
We try to do the best we can,
to keep Damo in line

The Warlord and his Officers, all do their very best
To help the others get along, though some days its a test
some days its a test

no Grails, no lols, no Unicorns
and especially no "Z's"
No silly little Hobbits
It's sure not D&D

So join us here each moot my friends, you're sure to get a vibe
from the best tribe in all the Horde
The miiighty Ironsong Triiibe!


<standing ovation>


<salute for Bob Denver>
Rar for Sreng and the Tribe...Good work Sis!