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With the Gates opening shortly I envision lots of Tribe runs in the near future. To further that end I have compiled a couple of the major guides for the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj into one horrific document. This is a work in progress and will probably see a lot of updating as we actually do the dungeon.


Items Needed
Priests need mana regen set - ability to maximize mana regeneration
Everyone present needs several stacks of bandages
Lots of major mana potions


• Requires 2-3 warriors
• Each warrior needs a macro for announcing releasing aggro and for calling in DPS.
• One warrior in front, one on his left, and one on his right.
• Kurinnaxx makes Sand Trap. This is a ground targeted explosion roughly twenty yards in diameter that inflicts around 1900 damage and inflicts a debuff that silences, and reduces hit chance by 75%. There is a considerable delay to this explosion though, so as long as you remain aware you can easily run out of the targeted area. Sand trap seems to be targetted at random, and the trap is place directly beneath that target's feet. Anyone that gets the 75% chance to hit debuff is useless anyway, so stay away so that you do not get damage. That will allow healers to conserve mana. Resume DPS when the effect is over.
• His main physical attack is a cleave that will do heavy damage to anyone in front of him. It also inflicts a fifteen second debuff called Mortal Wounds to the tank that reduces healing by 10%, stacks to 100%, and is not dispellable. This can be deadly for any tank.
• The idea of having one tank in the front and two warriors on the side is that when the tank reaches 6 stacked debuffs he will stop attacking immediately and let the other tank get the aggro. He will shout out that they are switching tanks and everyone must stop attacking while aggro is traded. After 6 debuffs the Warrior will die so fast, no healer will be fast enough to cast Flash-heal. Once the second tank gets aggro, the tank will call for DPS to resume. As soon as the second warrior gets 6 stacked debuffs, stop attacking and let the third tank get aggro. Rinse and repeat. The whole raid needs to know their role and when to react based on these calls, otherwise we wipe.
• The strategy with this boss is simple. The tanks all attack Kurinnaxx while moving backwards. This ensures that if Kurinnaxx targets one of them with Sand Trap the tanks will have moved away from the targeted area before it explodes. The extra tanks should attack from the side so they can avoid the Mortal Wounds cleave. The tanks need to keep their aggro within a reasonable range of each other, as the mortal wounds debuff lasts much longer than the Taunt effect, so you can't risk Kurinnaxx switching back to the original tank before they are fully healed. The ranged dps and casters all space themselves out for the fight and watch for the sand trap animation. As long as you never get hit with the sandtrap you have nothing to fear, but the movement debuff ensures that a second sand trap in your area will probably hit you. Rogues should position themselves near the secondary tanks. When they start to run low on health, they should vanish, move away from the fight, and bandage themselves - Healers will mostly have their hands full with the tanks.
• When Kurinnaxx gets down to about 20%, he will enrage and his damage output will increase by a set amount, and attack speed will increase by 75%.
• This is a very long fight. Wear your mana regen gear if you are a healer and many stacks of Major Mana pots. Druids should provide Innervate on priests that ran out of mana.
• After the fight do not talk to the NPC!

Rejaxx – Lead Up
• Must have CC: Druids, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks. Need offtank.
• Only the main tank is to talk to the NPC when everyone is in position and ready. The NPC will call out and the event will begin. The NPCs are crutial to this fight. The NPCs will run (after being spoken to) to the entrance of the next room, and call out groups of mobs to come fight you. When the first group dies, they will immediately call out the next group. This will continue until each group has been called out and finally Rajaxx comes to fight you himself.
• When the event starts, a wave of Qiraji warriors will spawn. They can't be killed with AOE, so they must be crowd controlled. Druids can Root them, Warlocks can chain fear one of them each, hunters may use freezing trap, and so on. If in trouble, warriors and priests can AOE fear. When the event is under way, the main tank picks a target and every dps class kills it as fast as possible, until they are all dead. When all spawns are dead, another wave will come. It is possible to keep the last add alive to get a break and bandage, but don't rely on this. The next group runs in after a certain amount of time whether you have killed all the adds or not.
• This orchestrated mob control will ensure the survival of all the 20 players, and keep you safe from too much damage. Remember to dot the main tank's target while fearing or entangling. Once it dies, move to the next target -- rinse and repeat, until everyone is dead. Making the fight last longer by crowd controlling is good -- in that lapse of time your healers and DPS casters are regenerating mana.
• We must keep the NPC’s healed. If they die they take 15 minutes to respawn. The challenge is if we wipe and they die, they won't respawn for at least two more hours.
• This fight with no breaks is a mana conserve battle. Typically groups 1 and 3 will heal the group while groups 2 and 4 will heal the NPCs. Have the MT tank the white larger mob and let the NPCs grab the other mobs. If any mob aggros a caster rather than the npcs let the offtanks pull them off. The group should kill the flying humanoid mobs first, then kill the mobs being tanked by players. Allow the NPCs to finish off the remining mobs by themselves while the mana users regen.

Rejaxx – Himself
• When the last mob group dies, Rajaxx will come. The casters need to go into the room where the mobs were and gather to the wall on their left. The MT will try and tank Rajaxx as far to the left wall as he canwil having his back to the group.
• Rajaxx does two abilities which cause loss of aggro. The first is a knockback which send the MT flying backwords (The reason the MT has his back to the casters so he can grab aggro before he squashes casters). The other is an area slam which causes huge nature damage to everyone in range causing 50% health loss.
• During this fight and the mob fights, if you die, you need to run back immediately. These are long fights.
• Theory: The NPC does not get knocked back so it might be best to let the NPC tank and just have the MT taunt and drag Rajaxx where he needs to be if the NPC losses aggro.

• This fight requires three warlocks and three priests as well as hunter’s viper stings.
• Druids and shamans are the main healers for this fight.
• All of them need to drain mana from Moam. If there is not sufficient mana drain, Moam will do a massive AOE which throws everyone into the air causing first Arcane damge, then fall damage. The aoe can be avoided by running away but obviously not the choice method, just keep him mana drained.
• Sometime shortly after 50% (1 min, 30 seconds) he will call in three mana elementals which do alot of arcane damage AOEs. The warlocks will keep these banashed for the remainder of the fight.
• After Moan summons the elementals, he does not attack for a period of time and his mana drain is slowed. We usually kill him before this time expires. He is still mana draining the group though, so keep mana drianing him to avoid the AOE bomb.
• If you don't kill him fast enough another group of elementals will spawn, at this point you will wipe

• Any kind of movement buff or enchantment is greatly recommended.
• This fight requires the raid to be divided into two groups. One to kill the broodlings, and one to kill the eggs.
• Buru cannot be tanked turning Phase 1.
• When the raid is ready to begin everyone should start damaging the egg closest to the raid. Get the egg to 5% and wait till Buru is directly over the egg. Then destroy the egg, this will damage him.
• An emote will say "...and put his eyes on X", and he will chase down that person (X). The person being chased needs to kite him around the area by running on land as much as possible and not in the water. Keep kiting him till the raid has the next egg ready to be destroyed. Healers must heal the kiting player during the kiting.
• When a eggs is destroyed a broodling will usually pop out. Again, half the raid should focus on killing the broodlings, until they are dead, then assist in killing the eggs. When one egg is destroyed (again only when Buru is over the egg), the group killing the eggs needs to move to the next egg in a clockwise fashion.
• This will conitnue till he reaches 20% where his shell will explode off exposing his brains. This will turn him into a more traditonal boss which can be dpsed down. And DPS him down you must – FAST.
• He now will do a debuff to everyone which does massive damage. You have more or less 30 seconds to kill him or it will be a wipe. All healers must be dpsing as well as much as possible.
• Note: Damage and healing will not steal aggro in this fight.

Post Buru Notes
• After defeating him, we headed up the ramp into the next terrace. Casters need to stay in the back by the ramp. Warriors should pull with their ranged gun and make sure to tank the Hive'Zara Tail Lasher. They will silence all casters in an Area-of-effect for nearly 9 seconds, and it spams it very often. The other insects will keep poisoning the whole group. So healers need to stay as far away as possible, and get in to toss renew. Druids should help with entangling root, but keep your distance to toss rejuvenation on the tank and anyone who needs it, staying away from silence AOE.
• The Silicate Feeder worms here spread a deadly poison after they die, so try not to kill them in the middle of your group, or everyone will get hit and lose health pretty quick -- which may kill players that are already 20% health.
• Something Warriors would love to know is that past this terrace hallway after you kill Buru, heading toward Ayamiss, you have a high chance to loot Manual of Battle Shout Rank 7. Hunters get Qiraji Magisterial Ring and Druids get Rejuvenation Rank 11. Assumingly, all classes might have their own Book/Manual to upgrade one of their class-specific spells.

Ayamiss the Hunter
• Warlock and Mage AOE are major necessities.
• During the fight random players will be placed on the Altar as a sacrafice, and a larva will spawn at the base of the ramp, and make its way to the sacrifice. If the larva reaches the player, the player instantly dies and an elite wasp is spawned which is hard to kill.
• The strategy to this fight is to have the entire group stand at the ramp of the altar. The hunters and other ranged dps will shoot the boss.
• The melee will focus on killing the larva that spawn as soon as possible to keep players being sacrificed and to keep the eliets from spawning. Melee should aslo shoot at boss when waiting for next larva.
• Mages and druids will also need to help kill the larva. They die quick but they also move quick. Instant casts will deal with them.
• At 50% the boss will "land" and will be tankable like a normal boss. The group will still need to watch for larvas though.
• Throughout the fight occassionally a swarm of non elite small wasps will come in which will need to be AOE'd down. They die very quickly and easily, but there are alot of them. Mages will need to be ready to deal with them.

Post Ayamiss Notes
• A very long ramp heads to the top of the temple.
• Once atop, there are many Anubisath Guardian (Obsidian Statues) walking back and forth in very slow motion. They are set to walk on you at some point during mid-fight. The whole raid should stay on the ramp - that is your 100% safe spot. Hunters or Warriors should pull the Obsidian Statues down to the ramp. Each Obsidian spawns 2 Qiraji warrior minions. One can be feared in the safety of the ramp.
• Mages need to cast detect magic at all times on Obsidian Statues to detect the type of deflect debuff they have. This is an anti-wipe measure and a lifesaver.
• Casting Detect Magic will alert the whole raid which magic-spells they should avoid casting. For example, if just one player messes up and dots the Obsidian Statue with Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring plague or Frostbolt; it will deflect back to every player in front of him for over 800 damage. This mistake 3 times in a row could wipe half the raid wearing cloth and leather.

• An offtank is recommended for this fight. A dedicated MT dispeller is recommended as well.
• This fight sounds terrifying.
• After about 2 seconds, the boss will buff itself, with the buff it can hit you for 13K dmg, also when buffed Ossirian moves faster than walking speed.
• Rogues are pretty much useless in this fight therefore use a rogue to pull the boss to the middle of the room. The rogue should be mounted, body pull the boss, then head back to the middle and look for a crystal that will spawn. 2 crystals will be spawned at all time through out the room.
• When Ossirian is about 20 yards to the crystal have a designated person to click on the crystal to activate it. The main tank should not aggro Ossirian until after the crystal puts the debuff on him otherwise the MT will be one shotted to death.
• Activating the crystal will put a 30 second debuff on Ossirian that make him hit for only 1K or so, less than than the 13K normally, and puts a vulnerability on him for specific spell damages.
• Put up detect magic on him and have someone call out his vulnerability. You will then have 30 seconds to pull Ossirian to the next crystal before his debuff runs out and 1 shots the main tank.
• The rogue on the mount would be responsible for calling out the next crystal to kite Ossirian to. A druid or shaman or even paladin can be used to run ahead of the MT to the next crystal as the designated crystal activater, druid/shamans are prefer since they can go in travel form towards the next crystal ahead of the main raid.
• Cyrstal activater can also be used to heal the MT just in cast the MT runs away from the main group towards the next crystal and decurse since Ossirian has an AOE Curse of Tongues.
• You can kite Ossirian in a clockwise manner and the crystals should spawn in a clockwise manner. We also did this once counter clockwise as well, (by accident since that was the way the crystal was spawning). Some crystals spawns pretty close to each other so the tank should just get to the next crystal, stay there for 10-15 seconds and let the rest of the raid catch up and do damage to him.
• When not debuffed, Ossirian hits for 13K, which is instant death, highest priority is to continously get him to the crystals so he doesn't get to this state. If he does, its a wipe. Otherwise Ossirian doesn't hit that hard.
• He does have an AOE kickback that hits you for about 900HP and takes another 700 fall damage if you're within about 10 yards. Therefore its wise to stay away from Ossirian and only have the MT/OT close to him.
• Reason why we might need an OT is there are tornadoes that spawns randomly in the room. If you get caught in the tornado, you are stunned and take some heavy damage over time. The effect is magic and can be dispelled, but if the MT gets caught in the tornado Ossirian will aggro someone else, which is why an OT is a good idea so he goes to the OT instead of someone squishy. Dispelling the MT quick enough can get aggro back to the MT, therefore someone should be dedicated to dispelling the MT. And everyone else should also be ready to dispel any other party members that get caught up in the tornadoes.
• Ranged damage works best since getting caught in the AOE knockback will cause healers to waste precious mana healing the raid. If you're not a tank, and you took damage, bandaging would help healers since after one knockback, I hope you learn to stay far enough away so you don't take another one. DOTS also work very well, keeping dots on Ossirian especially the one he is vulnerable will take him down.
• Ossirian doesn't have a whole lot of HP, but since we are constantly kiting him to different locations you don't really have time to just sit there and DPS him down. The fight takes fairly long, about 6-8 minutes (guesstimate, maybe more), if you die early, you can run right back to the fight. Just dots and range attacks should be all you need to deplete his HP.
• No melee damage other than the MT/OTs.
• Rumor: Shamans can purge the Strength of Ossirian buff.
Thank you, Efluvia, for this wonderful information!

We shall certainly seek to explore the Ruins in the future, and it is invaluable to be prepared for the worst of what awaits us there.

I am sure many will find your research helpful to them, like I have.


More tips for the General Rajaxx fight:

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