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Full Version: Sing True (poem by Dispaya)
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Sing True (poem)
-by Dispaya

The song a sword sings as it whistles through air,
is like the song of a maiden both innocent and fair.

A dagger blade sings as it cuts through the night,
and nothing sings truer than an arrow in flight.

Songs of nature are true to a Druids pure heart,
as is the singsong of spells in a Priests healing art.

The song a mage's spell sings as it is being made,
is like the song a shield sings as it's struck by a blade.

Spirits sing songs to the Shaman's ears,
as the song of the Warlock projects all your fears.

Now these are the reasons I say to "Sing True"
Yet no song sings truer than each one of YOU.

Iron Song (song)
-by Dispaya

Sing true to me a song of Iron,
Sing true and know of battles won,
Know Tauren, Troll, Orc and Forsaken,
In Ironsong, our hearts are one.

Sing true and hear this song of wisdom,
Sing true and know these words of stone,
Stand with us now and know our glory,
In Ironsong we forge our home

Sing true and hear this song of courage,
Sing true and know our honor strong,
Sing true and know this is our story,
Sing true and hear this Iron Song!

I originally wrote "sing true" because of a dream I had just after joining this tribe. I woke up in the middle of the night and said the words out loud. (true story). They just seemed to fit. I loved the name Ironsong because it spoke to me of things both hard and soft...violent yet poetic...strength and wisdom. All in all a very zen and yin-yang type of name...and I happened to think that a tribe with such a wonderful name deserved a wonderful anthem to bring them together. All great groups have a theme song...thus Dispaya was born and so was this song.

This is dedicated to all Ironsingers...the best bunch of Orcs, Corpses, Trolls and Tauren this little magical corpse has ever known. May you all continue to Sing True!
Ah, Dispaya, I always loved your poetry and songs. They always make me smile and feel better when I'm down. Ironsong just wouldn't be Ironsong without you.


*sniff* she called us cows...

"Moo. There, happy now?"
aww..I cannot stand to see a grown Tauren cry...I stand corrected

All my love