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Im making this post to help my fellow rogues out.

Zlinka and i where talking the other day about talent specs and such. That got me to thinking it might be a good idea to share some of what i have found with the other rogues in the tribe.

so let me start out by posting the spec i have right now;

( Ill repost specs once I get back on the game and have a chance to play around with them more )

this is the spec i have for dagger spec. I have found the extra 10 energy from vigor allows me to use ambush, and nearly imediatly fallow up with a Backstab. you also get the damage bonuses for the improved backstab talent in the combat tree. It also give you a pretty heafty boost to Ambushes. From the rogues i have talked to over the last year or so this with some minor differences is the standard "cloth killer" spec.

Now this next spec is a pretty standard combat build;

with this build you can either do sword spec or mace spec.
obviously with sword spec you will do more damage, but with mace spec you will have higher liveability. stun locks are a beautiful thing. I see a good bit of rogues using this build with some modifacations.

Next fallowing is a Subtlety spec. I dont have a ton of experiance with this I tried it once but didn't like it and quickly respeced.

the primary idea of this spec is to DoT the target to death and get back stealthed as you watch them die. you dont get the damage bonuses for SS BS Ambush, or evicerate. so dont expect to live long if you have to take something on face to face. but if you do have to you have the extra long evasion and a much shorter cooldown for it. with this spec i highly recommend useing deadly poison all the time the extra DoT will but your DPS threw the roof.

well folks that all i have for now. by all means please post your specs and any idea you might have for what i have posted.

thanks, Utsu
And now the Majhal reply to builds :banana:
When I was seal fate, I had lots of burst DPS as well as a minor amount of sustained.
This was my build: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

And now i'm fist combat and deal much more damage especially considering how long some of the fights in MC and BWL are, however I dont really have a huge burst DPS like I did in Seal fate, which doesnt help in pvp much.
Me now: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Now here's Combat daggers which is found to be the best dagger build for PVE even not having played it, the results show.
The combat dagger: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Not all too familiar with Hemo, but it's a lot better than when I played it a while back.
Hemo build: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

And finally there's the standard cold blood/prep dagger which I dont find comes even close in damage to any of the other builds, but it was fairly popular a while back, but isn't nearly as good as Hemo for damage.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->



<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 3003000000</a><!-- m -->

I've always tried to be different I guess, heh. But this build does me good. In my time it seems that for a rogue, +hit > all. I'm up to +10% hit with talents and gear I think. It almost feels like I have no DW miss penalty at all! And with talents and crit gear, damage meters show me with ~37% crit on basic melee attacks.

I don't have seal fate, or those huge crit abilities. Most of the things I have improve my damage and add to my functionality in a 5 man. Seal fate just means you can evis and kidney shot sooner. Evis is not affected by attack power, and is a very small part of my damage. Why worry so much about it? I'd rather have a double crit from ambush > backstab to do a good 2.5k damage. Because even in UBRS, a lot of times that is ALL I get to do on a mob. And with all this stuff in sustained damage, it helps on long fights too!

And imp expose armor? Seriously? Improve the group wiper ability? Seriously? Group wiper?

Anyway, that's just my view
after playing around some more I tweeked the specs that I posted check them out let me know what you think.

heres a hemo spec that will be awesome if they keep the new tree the same as it currently is on the website.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 0203000100</a><!-- m -->

the tree did change so here is the new spec, I cant wait till I can get back on the game I really want to try this spec in PvP as well as raids
ok folks I was really hoping to turn this into a discussion board when I originally made it that way everyone can learn more about the class.

With that in mind I have a few questions for all of our rogues;

1) what spec are you and why.
2) do you prefer dagger, sword, mace or, unarmed spec, and why?
3) keeping in mind the instances that we are raiding what weapons and armor do you want to collect for yourself?
4) I have a slew of extra / back-up / resist armor and 2 weapons for each spec in my bank, are you the same way or not?
Well, since I do have a rogue, even if he's not here...

1) what spec are you and why.

Combat/assassination (20/31/0) - I found running around trying to be behind things all the time just drove me crazy.

2) do you prefer dagger, sword, mace or, unarmed spec, and why?

Sword spec for the extra attacks. I tried mace, but with DRs on stuns (unless they changed that) I don't care for it.

3) keeping in mind the instances that we are raiding what weapons and armor do you want to collect for yourself?

I was mostly after swords - particularly Brutality Blade and Vis'kag. A little Nightslayer never goes amiss either, though Ker only managed to net one piece (the chestpiece).

4) I have a slew of extra / back-up / resist armor and 2 weapons for each spec in my bank, are you the same way or not?[/quote]

Have a fair bit of fire resist gear, as well as a couple of daggers I tend not to use much.


1) what spec are you and why.
- My Spec
I'm speced this way, finding that I am very versitle, in PvP or PvE, I can not DPS like a Combat or Dagger Speced rogue, but I can live longer, evenly spread out a nice DPS. I'm pretty deadly in PvP, so I guess this makes me a more PvP rogue, but I do hold up well in raiding.I have Riposte and Bladefury, that give me an upper hand when fighing things that can be disarmed, and bladefury for uping my DPS when needed and hitting more then one target, sometimes when more then one thing goes after a healer, I can save the healer and live through the aggro they had, due to my improved dodge and ghostly strike, or sacrifice myself to save the healer. This spec makes me kinda a jack of all trade, which I am a master of none really. I'm kinda like a Rogue Druid, hehe.

2) do you prefer dagger, sword, mace or, unarmed spec, and why?
I can use any weapon effectivly, what ever im up against I may change up weapons. I guess I can say I keep swords on me at all times, but I use daggers alot too. Heck, I'd use a rock if I had one.

3) keeping in mind the instances that we are raiding what weapons and armor do you want to collect for yourself?
Well since I use about any weapon, that is hard to answer. As far as armor goes, I keep two sets on me: An Agility set (were it is right now, my agi set takes me to 31% dodge) that set i use for dodging, when needed, and there is my Sta (about 4600+health with it on) and that I use more in instances where I know I'm going to get beat on pretty hard. So i look for both Agi gear and sta gear, and I the peice has both, then all the better.

4) I have a slew of extra / back-up / resist armor and 2 weapons for each spec in my bank, are you the same way or not?

Aye, I have lots of gear and lots of weapons, I think I last counted about 18 weapons, and I carry about 10 on me at all times.

Ohh and If you are cerious, this is Mr. Wiggles's spec...
-=Mr. Wiggles's Spec=-
hey Dez I was looking at your spec, check out the hemo spec I posted yours is similar and I think it might be a good one for you.

here it is as well;
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 0203000100</a><!-- m -->

this spec isn't reliant on daggers so you can use it with any weapon type.

a few things to understand about his spec;

1) it greatly hepls the spec if you use deadly poisons
2) open up with Garrote
3) use Hemo as you would normally use SS or BS.
4) finish off with either a rupture, or a kidney shot. ( rupture would be good on mages and non-healers, where KS would be better against priests pallys, druids. )
5) pop vanish and watch your target bleed to death.


Aye, that is a nice spec, but I can't live without my; Prep, Ghostly Strike, Riposte, Bladfury, Improved Sap, and Hightened sences. Also I rely on my sneakyness for PvP, I kill lots of rogues, it's what I do, and without Improved stealth and hightened sences (Plus [item]Catseye Ultra Goggles[/item] ) I'll just die in the BGs. Im sure that build does work great, but I can't live with out these old shoes. I did respec once to another dagger build, but I cant function with out what Im used to hehe. Espicaly Prep, that is my best friend, well next to Mr. Wiggles Tongue Very interesting build though.

What spec are you and why?

I have a combat daggers spec (17-28-6), designed for maximum sustained damage in raids and aggro reduction.

My combat in raids consists of rapid high white damage (Slice and Dice up constantly, along with troll Berzerking and Blade Flurry when available) interspersed with frequent Backstab crits. Blade Flurry is also invaluable against Core Hound packs, lava spawns, and imps.

To reduce aggro, I have the Feint V book from AQ20, which reduces threat by 800 (as opposed to Feint IV’s threat reduction of 600). A point in Sleight of Hand (improves Feint by 10%) gives my Feint a solid threat reduction of 880.

In fights that are likely to be touchy, I hit Feint early on. That’s usually enough to prevent me from getting aggro at all. If I do draw aggro, another Feint is enough to turn the mob back to the tank.

This spec is specialized for raiding but I can still function outside of a raid. I can solo, stealth mine dark iron ore (Blade Flurry is great for those bloodhound packs!), and play in small group PvE. My Feint is strong enough that I can function with most tanks. I have no burst capabilities, though, so this spec isn’t very useful in PvP. That’s fine with me, as I don’t like PvP very much.

Do you prefer dagger, sword, mace, or unarmed, and why?

I currently use daggers and like them very much. Swords are a close runner-up, but I’ve never seriously considered maces or fist weapons. Most raid mobs can’t be stunned. Plus, competition for daggers is typically less than for other weapon types.

I have a slew of extra / back-up / resist armor and 2 weapons for each spec in my bank, are you the same way or not?

I have a set of extra weapons for Ragnaros – a collection of my older daggers and swords.

I have an FR armor set with 203 unbuffed FR which I’m quite happy with. My aim for this set is to keep the FR at around 200 and swap in higher DPS items when I can. I use this set for Gehennes, Imps, Lava Packs, Ragnaros, and Onyxia.

I also have a modified FR-max set with 232 unbuffed FR, which I use along with fire resist potions for swimming in the lava in Blackrock Depths to get to the Black Forge to smelt dark iron bars.
Just as a sidenote, Zlinka on any given raid will have close to 25% more damage than the closest raider in Molten Core. So her spec is obviously very effective in raids.
yeah yeah yeah thats just because im not there... Tongue but on a serious note Zlinka did out damage me by like 50k last time I made a raid and the next closest person was like 75k behind me. so she definitely knows what she doing. all the rogues in the guild should go to here any time they have questions about the class.
Even though Tybirius isn't even 40 yet, I have a pretty solid idea of his future spec which will eventually be 8/8/35. In the conversations I've had with different rogues (Traze in particular) of the Tribe, this seems like it wil be most effective in PvP and still work well in raids. I'm a big fan of high burst damage and large crits. Of course since I'm still learning the class I really do enjoy hearing about other peoples spec's and methods. So any and all feedback is appreciated.

Lately I've been practicing my stun locking ability. In my own personal experience with Ulfric in the battlegrounds, at least 95% of the time, if a rogue beat me, it was purely because I never got a chance to hit back. Much like a real life fight, being able to take a punch is good, but never getting hit is Great !

Oh, I would really like to see everyone, but especially rogues, update their character info on the roster. It would be great to view the different spec's without having to scroll through the forums here to check out links. Its really not that hard or time consuming to do, so again, I'd like to encourage everyone to help out and set a good example. Smile

Ulfric, if you can post that spec your are thinking about I would like to see it, im curious about going with a more subtlety heavy spec and seeing one that is heavy in it might be helpful to me. one thing I have noticed no matter what class you are when you spec in three different trees more often than not it spreads you thin on something, but thats not always the case. some specs like the 31/8/12 dagger spec uses three trees... ( duh ) and thats a pretty good spec. the spec I had before the patch was 17/34/0. just a full comat, brute force and ignorance spec. when I get back on the game, which should be very soon, Im going to play around with that hemo spec I have been hyping up. but thats more of a one-on-one PvP, PvE spec. fighting more than one mob with that spec is probably going to get me killed more often than not, unlike my old spec where i could easily take two and sometimes three high lv elites at a time.
so after much playing around and after respecing six times in the last week I have my final version of my hemo build. I have to say it is a far cry different than the original. but for all the playing around with it I think this is the best that I have found.

with out further ado;

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 0023112151</a><!-- m -->

I want to mention that this is designed for a sword-hemo build If you have two nice daggers I would change the spec to reflect that. ie. swithing master of deception for oportunity and putting points into improved ambush, etc. etc.
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