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Full Version: Strategy Spotlight: Jin'do the Hexxer
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Indeed, my mewling maggoty morsels, I have pierced the veil of voodoo surrounding the Hexxer. He thinks himself safe within the walls of Zul'Gurub, but his weakness is made know easily to one as great as I. Witness his secrets and the Hexxer's ultimate demise at my hand!


Ironsong's hand.


Jin'do the Hexxer

Questionably the hardest boss in Zul'Gurub, but also the most fun one and a good preperation for Molten Core.


- Brainwash Totem: Jin'do can drop Mind Control totems that will Mind Control the nearest raid member. Mind Control is not dispellable, and the totem must be destroyed to free the contolled person.
- Powerful Healing Totem - This totem heals Jin'do for roughly 3% per tick.
- Teleportation: Jin'do will randomly teleport a raid member into the middle of a pit full of skeletons that is located nearby Jin'do
- Hex: Turns a random raid member into a frog. If cast on the Main Tank this will deaggro the main tank. Can be dispelled.
- Delusions of Jin'do: A curse that deals 200 damage every 2s. Additionally, someone who has this curse is able to target and attack Shades of Jin'do.
- Summon Shade of Jin'do: Everytime someone is cursed, Jin'do the Hexxer will spawn a 'shade'. Shades do 100% shadow damage. Their basic attack hits for 1 damage, but interrupts spellcasting. They also do Shadow Shock for 600. This is not partially resistable.


Use Shadow Protection buffs on everyone.

Jin'do's melee attack is very weak. The hardest part about the encounter are Jin'do's shades. Because one can only attack shades while cursed, it is imperative that you do not dispel the curse. Whenever someone is cursed they must attack shades. This includes priests, druids, everyone but the main tank. Ignore everything around you and focus on killing the Shades. They have 1500 health and are immune to all forms of AoE except for Stratholm Holy Water. If the shades are ignored they can add up to 30 shades present at a time

His Brainwash and Healing totems must be killed instantly in priority over Jin'do. Wound poison and Mortal Strike should be kept on Jin'do over the duration of the fight. Finally, one mage must be designated to monitor the pit of skeletons. When someone is teleported into the pit the skeletons must be AoEd. The skeletons will respawn in seconds.

Never overnuke Jin'do. If you do, he Hexxes or Mind Controls the main tank and it's the end of the raid.

In summary, the priority of damage should be: Shades > Brainwashing totem > Healing totem > Jin'do.


It is often easiest to tank Jin'do with a feral druid (preferably one that is specced and geared for bear) as they are immune to the hex and as such can't be agro wiped in this manner making for a smoother battle over all.


Jin'do will drop 1 Epic Quest Item, as well as 2 other items from his loot table (2 Blue items, 2 Epic items, or 1 Blue and 1 Epic item)