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Full Version: The Ballad of Ironsong PART 2 (Song by Dispaya)
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The Ballad of Ironsong PART 2
by Dispaya

I sing to thee a song of Iron and you know my words are true
come listen now and hear our stories, of legends bold and deeds we do

Kosath our brave and mighty raid leader, We follow him into the heart of Molten Core
Rawne our rogue, his deeds are legend...we follow him to the pub's main door

Shillatae...Wise and noble Priestess, we all know her words are wise
Champion Lucinther is quite a sneaky fellow...he caught Delgarsida by suprise!

Dannae another lovely Priestess, healing is strong and heart is pure
The opposite is our dear Fluvie...of her intentions I am never sure...???

The great Eveline is our MA! Faithfully she always makes the call!
With a vote, Akora may win this title...til then...I guess she just can't win them all.

Kretol is our great webmaster...the totem is our greatest treat!
Behind the scenes he works true magic...thanks to him we all can speak!

We all love the noble she seeks her father's blade
Veramorla our short tempered sister...only happy when on a raid

Utsu is our great and friendly rogue...from behind his blade is true
We love Ronx and Jab and Cal and Chaska...we want you here for all we do

Daichallar our noble brother...always battles with his spear
Abbru is our brother too...even though he's never here

Uglawha battles the Alliance...seems he always gets abused
There is Demonrose and our friend Deathrose...still I get their names confused

Umu you know he is part Ogre...he is big and sweet and strong
And you know we love Konfucius...even though his name is long

Irasis, says nothing due to straps...all his words come from a book
I have to say I love this Drakyth even if he is a crook

Kernasas found a lovely robe...the color always makes us think
cause even though he claims it's fuscia ...we all know it's really

Damoxian, the dark duels I cannot even beat his pet...
Never there until you need him...on that I'd even place a bet

You all know Mellith for she is quite lovely...kind and gentle as they come
For 7 hours we ran through the Spire...on the famous Ironsong underwear run

Fallenknight is one of our great warriors...seems he found a lovely blade
We all know it will make him mighty...though it may be 10 years before it's made

Galven has recently returned...I guess he felt he had to roam
his counterpart the hunter's just good to have them both safe at home

And then There's Krell the Master Hunter...someday I hope he finds his gear
The curse of Krell is nearing legend...other hunters love when he is not here.

Of Fleethoof... all know her healing aggro...and the many hats that she does show
her latest one it looks just like a certain moose that we all know

In our hearts we remember Zema...the child champion with spirit strong...
That way we always keep her close...It's important to remember friends when they are gone.

And Sreng of course our fearless his claws be at your throat!

but tell me there really such thing...

as a hunter - blue troll - lycanthrope?

As for me, your friendly advisor...I know that you may think me strange...but for thee, and thou and ye and all, are for who this song I did arrange.

I love to sing a song of Iron, Listen and know my words are strong
If your name I did not mention...know this can only go so long

Though I may pull alot of aggro, with my spells that may be true...

But...just send me a note of thanks...

...that at least it wasn't killing YOU!

Even though my name wasn't in the song, that was Awesome *cheers for Dispaya* Thank you for sharing that with us all. Big Grin