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Full Version: Guide: Easy Hunter Upgrades
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As hunters who want to be as best as we can for our friends in our ICC 25 man raid, we have very little excuse to have any gear under level 232.
We can fill these gaps quickly and easily with a little focused play.

In that light, here is an easy guide to filling in your level 226 and under gear slots.

-- That you can get solo or in random heroics!

Remember when sorting out your gear: Your hit rating should be over 263, but as close to 263 as possible! Anything over 263 is wasted points!

1. Source – The ICC 5 man heroic instances. LFG tool random group - all 232 gear

Head – H FoS – Bronjahm
Neck – H PoS – Garfrost
Shoulder – H PoS – Garfrost
Back – (Due to not having a good 232 option, I added a Frost emblem option as well)
Chest – H HoR – Falric and Marwyn
Wrist – H FoS – Devourer of Souls
Hand – H HoR – Lich King
Waist – H PoS – Tyrannus
Legs – (No Instance option – use Triumph emblems)
Feet - H HoR – Falric and Marwyn
Finger - H PoS – Tyrannus
Second Finger – (No instance option – Triumph emblems – or Ashen Verdict ring)
Trinket - H FoS – Devourer of Souls
Second trinket - (Badge options – Triumph/Frost)
Ranged – H PoS – Ick/Crick
Weapon – 2H - H HoR – Falric and Marwyn
Weapon – Chance for Battered Hilt – for 251: 2H Sword. - Trash in PoS, HoR, and FoS.

2. Source – Triumph badges. Earned in every heroic and raid in Wrath, except ICC.

232 Set pieces – Windrunner 50 Emblems of Triumph: Head
232 Set pieces – Windrunner 50 Emblems of Triumph: Chest
232 Set pieces – Windrunner 30 Emblems of Triumph: Hand
232 Set pieces – Windrunner 50 Emblems of Triumph: Legs
232 Set pieces – Windrunner 30 Emblems of Triumph: Shoulder

245 Shoulder – 45 Emblems of Triumph
245 Finger – 30 Emblems of Triumph
245 Trinket – 50 Emblems of Triumph (Hit Trinket)

3. Source – A few small frost badge options for rough spots.

264 Back Piece – 50 Frost Emblems
264 Trinket – 60 Frost Emblems

4. Other:
Of course, any chance to get to even a PUG raid should be looked at for over 232 gear.
Namely: 10 ICC, 25 ToC, 10/25 VoA, and Onyxia.

Also: poke around the other guides on this very class forum - and haunt various external links, like <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Hope this helps!

- Phoronid.

p.s. Please go look at the guide, also posted recently in this forum! (Shot priority, careful talent point, and lots of practice >> gear.)


I am giving up on the Trinket - H FoS – Devourer of Souls
I have seen it only twice... and both time some one else got it.

It might be better for others that don't have time to just go for the daily forst emblem.
At least you will get a item you want.



I can't say I am surprised. It took me 35 tries, and then I got the ten man Deathwhisper trinket in 10 man a week later. *grin*

It is the most annoying thing on this list for sure. Smile

- Phoro.


My annoying story along those lines. I hit 80. I want a better bow. Theres one in Regular HoR. I grinded that instance ALL day... I got the got ninja'd by a rogue...I requed.

It took me 5 hours (and many wonderful IST memberers and friends helping me)...but I got the damned thing, eventualy. then about a week/week and half later I get into ICC and get the one Deathwhisper drops.

The point is persistance. Hang in'll get it!