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Full Version: Role-Player server rules and how to use them.
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Originally posted by Kyre of Knights of the Flag on the Silver Hand Realm Forum:

"Hello roleplayers!

This is your server, roleplayers! If you're tired of all the OOC talk, and off topic chat in General, do something about it!

Check out the server rules here!

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General Chat rules

The General Chat Channel should only be used for finding Storylines (SLs), finding Party Groups, and various other discussions pertaining to the Base Storyline (BSL), game-related topics, and continuity.

The General Chat Channel should NOT be used for any "Off-topic," Non-Storyline, or non game-related discussions.

Examples of appropriate conversation in the General Chat Channel:
"Would anyone like to join a Rogue Specific SL?"
"What happened to the Well of Eternity?"

Examples of inappropriate conversation in the General Chat Channel:
"Did you see that new movie?"
"My sister just bought a new car."

Roleplaying Rules
Absolutely no out of character (OOC) or non-fantasy related dialogue should take place in the /Say, /Yell, or Party chat channels.
How to report rule breakers!
You must first ask the rulebreaker to stop. Be polite about it, sometimes people just don't know. If the person chooses to continue to break the server rules, you may file a GM ticket.

Filing the GM ticket
Select "Verbal Harassment"

Type the name of the offender, the time it occured, the time you asked them to stop, and then quote the offending text.

At 3:45 PM server time, the player-character Johhnyleet said in /say "Star Wars is better than Star Trek!" At 3:40 PM I reminded him of the server rules, but he continued.
Reporting in Mass
You can use the following technique to report multiple offenders of the General Chat channel guidelines.

First, ask the offenders to stop in the apropriete channel. If the rulebreaking continues, create a verbal harassment GM ticket as before.

Include the time you asked people to stop, the name of the channel, and then list all of the names of the people who chose to continue to break the rules. In cases of mass offense, it is not neccissary to quote all of the text of all of the offenders, but you can give a summary to the GM what the chat was about.

At 4:45 PM in the General Chat of Stormwind a lot of off topic chat occured about Chuck Norris. I reminded people of the server rules. The following players continued to break the rules and talk off topic.

Johhnyleet, Superdude, Sandlol, Clarkkent, Obione,

You can then edit your ticket to include any offenders who continue to talk off topic in General Chat.
Reporting Names
Select Verbal Harassment

Type in the suspected name that is in violation with a brief discription.

There is a player character with the name "Spiderman", I believe this violates the naming rules of the server.

Language Violations
The profanity filter is not an excuse for players to use foul language. If you witness a player using foul language in /say, /party, /yell, or any offcial game channels you can report them.

Include the name of the offender, the time of the offense, and quote the UNCUT text of the language. (quote exactly what was said, it helps GMs find it easier in the logs)

At 7:20 PM in /say the player-character Samson said F*** you. I believe this violates the language rules of the server.
Once you are used to filing tickets, it becomes quite easy and takes very little time to do.

If you care about your server, and your fellow players enjoyment then make the effort. GMs DO enforce the rules, but tickets have to be filed. Take pride in your server, and your game.

You should not have to change your playstyle because of other's ignorance and rudeness. Enjoy your game.


...and Tae!