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Greetings fellow warriors. I have been thinking a lot about current and future progression in raiding lately, as it is something many of us enjoy together. It is important to me that the warriors of the Tribe be prepared for the dangers we face when defending our Tribemates. Some of you may already know the various things I'm going to suggest, but I want everyone to read this anyway.

As we progress further, it will be a greater and greater requirement that every warrior be able to fill in not only as an offtank, but as a main tank. As you're beginning to see with the Majordomo Executus encounter, every tank must be able to hold their own against a boss-level opponent. Our healing team is one of the best in the game, without a doubt. But we cannot rely on the healers alone, and the easier we make their job, the better off we wil be.

So the basics:

- On an individual level, a tank's survival is very often more important than anyone else in the raid. The death of a tank and a loose opponent usually results in the quick deaths of several Tribemates, and a chain reaction that can lead to a wipe. It is your responsibility to the 39 other people who are relying on you that you be the best tank you can be.

- Talent spec is irrelevant. While protection helps in certain ways, it is actually more damaging to have too many warriors specced protection than not enough due to damage output. You will be expected to tank regardless of talent spec.

- A druid can do your job with the right gear, and sometims do it better with feral talents. The problem is that druids are needed for decursing, poison curing, and healing. Why do I mention this? Because I hope to use certain druids for this job when we have enough, but also because if you are unable to tank something, I may be forced to take someone away from the healing team. Again, that hurts us all.

- Every warrior needs 3 sets of gear up through Blackwing Lair: Tanking gear, Damage gear, and Fire resist gear. For damage gear, wear what you want. I will focus my suggestions on tanking and fire resist gear.

For tanking gear, go here: That list is a little dated at this point, but still works. Some nice upgrades have been done to items since then, such as Gyth's Skull and the Naglering. Also, consider doing the quests in Silithus leading up to "The Calling" for a nice set of tanking boots if we kill Roman'Khan while fighting Barons. Finally, the bracers and belt of heroism from upgrading valor are very good tanking pieces and can be gotten solo.

If you would like any advice on tanking gear, please do not hesitate to ask me.

For fire resist gear lists, go here:

- Now that brings me to possibly my most important point: You cannot wait for gear from Molten Core. There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is that we have a lot of warriors. In fact, BECAUSE we have a lot of warriors, it's even more important that every one of you be able to fill the same role.

The other reason you can't wait for MC is because the gear from MC will not bring you up to where you need to be on its own. Armor of might is for 1 thing, and 1 thing only: getting enough stamina to survive a round of attacks in Blackwing Lair. That's it... just stamina. To be an effective tank, you need to fill out your gear with smart choices that will boost your defense as well, and Molten Core is not good for providing that.

- Finally, some hard numbers. 5000 unbuffed hit points, 7000 armor, +80 defense. That is what you're shooting for to solidly tank in Molten core, and it is easily possible without ever setting foot in a raid zone. Those numbers get even higher for Blackwing Lair requirements.

Right now we have 4, maybe 5 warriors who meet those numbers. And we need that many for the Majordomo fight alone. But the way we do invites... well, a general goes to war with the army he has, as the saying goes. Right now I believe the healers are carrying us, and I'd like to fix that.

I know a number of you are close to those numbers, and I hope to see everyone past them soon. Because if we head into BWL or elsewhere at some point, I may need to start picking and choosing who gets to go based on gear to give us any chance of success, and I'd rather not have to do that.

Thank you for reading this, and please, be the best tank you can be. For your own good, and for the good of the Tribe as a whole.
*Wonders if they specced to some sort of SL build if they could be an off tank.. (Flexes 6k HP)*
Ahem, in seriousness this is also a good website for Warrior DPS/FR/Tank what have you items. Its also got other class info if you look to the other links. Near everything they list can be attained without raiding anything harder than UBRS.


OK, I have something to say here. Yes, tanking is very gear reliant and yes, it will cost some good gold. Some of our tanks have spent 3+ thousand gold on gear over the year on gear, enchants, materials etc. just because it was needed for the raids to get where they are. Tanking is a huge responsability, and if you can it would be very very smart to invest some of your own time/gold into it. Just because we can get through the core this well so far doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider investing. True, you can just waltz in there and wait for the epic gear to drop and take that, but consider this; If kosath and the OT or whoever else is tanking and they go down, you will have to step up and tank, and if you arn't geared up there won't be epic loot for you. Therefore it would be wise to invest some of your own gold into this just to help the raid out. If you want to talk about non raid aquired tanking gear, talk to Kosath or I.

DPS is the second warrior role and there is something very important to remember here. DPS GEAR IS NOT TANKING GEAR or vice versa. Good DPS gear is HORRIBLE for tanking, and good tanking gear means you have no DPS. Now, that considered, remember that usually trying to create a hybrid won't work that well. Try to focus on one or the other, or start two completely different sets. If you want to talk about DPS gear, feel free to talk to me any time in game as I tend to keep an eye on that stuff. Also, as Kosath said spec really won't affect tanking ability that much. However, there's a lot of warriors that always want to try trading stuff around or trying new things, and I love to talk spec as well so give me a shout.
I'm cleaning up this thread by splitting posts about druids into their own thread and deleting joke posts including my own. Let's use this thread for questions and discussion about warrior tanking requirements in our raids as per Kosath.



In accordance with what Kosath and Umu said, I completely agree, and know from experience, that tanking gear is horrible for dps, and vice versa. For dps gear come talk to either I or Umu. But the general idea is to go for +hit and +crit gear without comprimising too much on stamina. Common knowledge: the longer you stay alive, the more damage you do.



I've asked a few people about how I should start making choices of gear for Bhaatuur. She's level 53, and I feel is close to (if not already at) a spot where she needs to start getting some distinct gear sets.

Her current profile is here

I am looking for advice on what makes "tanking" gear, what makes "DPS" gear, etc. Having played in MC a little, U/LBRS, BRD and the Ramparts/Blood Furnace instances with Lhuu, I also know how much more important resistances are for warriors than hunters. Any and all gear advice would be greatly appreciated.