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Full Version: Lottery Information
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The way it will work is as follows:
  • You may purchase numbers for five gold pieces each (up to a maximum of five at this time).
  • A list of every number and their corresponding 'owners' will be listed in that particular lottery period's thread.
  • Each two-week lottery span will start on a Monday and end on a Sunday.
  • Drawings will be held Sunday evenings, with several members as witnesses, if available. A screenshot will be taken of the drawn number (which will be simulated with a /random) and the present witnesses.
  • Winnings will be sent via mail to the lucky person whose number is 'drawn,' unless the person is present as a witness during the drawing.[/list:u]

    Purchasing Tickets (Numbers)
    Method One: In person, by trading the amount needed for how many tickets you wish to purchase (again, up to a maximum of five) to me (Kretol). In return, I will give you your number(s) and note you and your assigned numbers in the post below.
    Method Two: Via mail, with the same general procedure as above. I will reply with your assigned ticket numbers, or send you a tell with your numbers if you are online at the time.

    If you have any further questions, please make a post here.


What numbers can you select?

And what happens in no number is selected?
Numbers are actually given to you, or assigned. This makes the drawing doable with a /random.
If no-one purchases any numbers for any given week, then no drawing is done! Smile