The Ironsong Tribe

Full Version: Orc Culture
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Considering I didn't really like the appearance of the Culture article being split up into several posts, you can read everything together here.
Hehe I loved smacking peons!
Most interesting.


Unless I completely missed it... how do orcs deal with death and everything that goes along with it?
From what I have read Orcs burn thier dead in large funeral pyres. The bodies are typically rubbed down with special scented oils, and possed to hold weapons in positions of readiness for battle. After they are consumed by the Spirits of Fire the ashes are left to be scattered by the Spirits of the Winds.

Some times with great heros large memorials are put up so that the living can pay thier proper respects to the memories of the dead.

Orcs view death as a natural part of life, and many welcome death if it comes with glory in combat. They do not fear death, or try to hold it off using unnatural methods. Often how he faces death is just as important to an Orc as how he faces life.
Sounds like Klingons!